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Why not a bike tire valve leak?

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Why not a bike tire valve leak?
Tire valve and the bike is not the same?

Bicycle tire valve and the structure of differences;
Bicycle tire valve inside the nut by inserting and compress the seal between the jacket (not active), is used when the air pressure into the holes on the squeeze into the core, while the hole is sealed by a small rubber cover, this structure is simple and practical Sealing reliability, but only some of the occasions for low air pressure;
The car is no core rod valve inside the hole, by the core rod to seal the gasket below, pressure is by promoting the valve core into the slide, bounce by pushing back tire valve core inside the sealed pressure, the application of high pressure but the valve Core seal wear, foreign body or shift prone to leakage.

In all´╝îPrinciple is the same, but all rely on automated vehicle to achieve one-way ventilation valve core resin; and glial increase tire valve core is steel.

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