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World rubber industry, especially the rapid development of China’s tire industry for our valve core provides a steady flow of orders. Valve core of the industry to seize opportunities for development in recent years, the number of product varieties and improve the continuous and stable, the main valve core product categories account for the output of more than 70% global share, becoming the world’s largest producer of valve core. Valve at the recently held general learned the core industries, output in 2010 will exceed our valve 3 billion, will exceed 3.5 billion valve core, valve core will account for more than 85% market share. Industry enterprises have reached a consensus: should not revel in the production of hegemony in the world on, but should correctly understand and face the problems the industry, improve quality, eliminate hidden dangers and do a responsible “world business.” China Chemical Equipment Association Professional Committee of the valve core Li Dongping that the valve core in recent years, exports of the number of varieties grown rapidly, the core business of most of the valve more than 60% of products sold in international markets, and gradually entered the international auto parts procurement system. China has become a truly world largest output valve core, the largest production base for exports. This course is a happy event, but must also see that the momentum of our strong export valve has shaken the core of the existing pattern of world trade. On the one hand, in this case does not dismiss the possibility of some countries for the purpose of trade protectionism, by building out a variety of barriers to prevent Chinese products, manufacturing, international trade discord; the other hand, individual awareness of domestic corporate social responsibility more weak, and do not pay attention to product quality, and blindly compete for market at a low price in the international market have a bad effect, this situation will inevitably lead to some exporting countries to use international trade rules of the game, to carry out the quality of export products to China and even anti-dumping investigations . He believes that in order to ensure the healthy and stable long-term development, China’s valve industry, the core must be the case in the situation is excellent, as the valve shoulder the responsibility of the core powers of control world power shortcomings, bad behavior to discover the industry, regulate trade order. He suggested that enterprises must improve quality from the start, Lianhaoneigong to promote technological innovation to improve the quality of products; from the beginning of a brand name, expand markets, reduce the risk of dumping; performance and social responsibility from the start, being a responsible “world enterprises. ” It is understood that the main origin of valve concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Fujian, has formed a complete specification, supporting a structured pattern of industrialization; more than 30 manufacturers, the annual output over 300 million have 4 , over 5000 of more than a dozen. Estimated 2007 sales of various types of valves can be supported to reach 2.19 billion units, with sales of 40 million yuan or more. Among them, the truck inner tube valve 120 million, motorcycle, bicycle inner tube valve 1.2 billion, truck tubeless valves 40 million, car tubeless valves 800,000,000, and other special valves 30 million. Leading products truck inner tube and tubeless valves, motorcycle tire valve, tubeless valve car production have been about 70% of the world, exports amounted to nearly $ 250,000,000. It should be noted that the valve core and the National Rubber Machinery Committee of test center quality earlier in the investigation of the industry, we found a number of negative phenomena and potential risks. For example, the tire valve problems are: the persistence of some enterprises Material mainly the mouth lower and lower copper content materials; change valve standard structure and size, to reduce material consumption purposes; valve mouth and body size, short, not up to standard requirements; mouth thin body chassis, small diameter. In addition, the rubber valve seat materials, poor quality of rubber, metal, plastic body cover low, the prevalence of blooming phenomenon. Valve inside the main problems are: some enterprises material is mainly the valve core length shorter than the standard, resulting in valve core leakage rate, some enterprises valve core leakage rate of more than 5%, life is short, inflatable speed low; Snap valve factories in the Ningbo region there is some use of cheaper natural rubber and recycled rubber mixing, instead of EPDM rubber and natural rubber mix, the product can not be tested through the ozone standard; some companies to reduce the valve copper mouth to save weight, without changing the structure of valve size standard, such as the diameter of the mouth bar and the core chamber reaming thinning cancellation. National Rubber Machinery Quality Supervision, Inspection and Shen Jie, deputy director, said valve core is related to people’s lives and property safety, whether national standards or international standards are the size of the valve core strict requirements, without changing the product structure size is actually illegal. If a large number of non-standard products are exported to foreign countries, the vehicle after installation will bring great security risk. Tubeless Snap-in particular, valve, mounted on top speed of over 200 km of the tire, once the accident, will be the car crash of major accidents, the reputation of Chinese products would bring adverse effects. He suggested that industry should pay attention to standard adoption problem, companies should self-examination, and resolutely put an end to production of non-standard products, producers have to crack down on individual non-compliance and the media exposure.