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The popularity of loader tire on-site rapid replacement method-Ningbo Yinzhou Xinghua Metal Products Factory

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Loader in bad site ( such as the rock ) operations often occur when the tyre burst. As the front wheel to bear load, steering, drive function, and first contacts the ground of foreign body, which is more likely to occur. Loader tire large self-weight, coupled with the site, tool restrict, field replaceable front tire is time-consuming and laborious. Following the introduction of a simple, rapid replacement of loader front tyre method, specific as follows:

(1) to start the machine, to find a relatively flat, open area, press the actuating arm lifting rod, the movable arm supporting the front wheels off the ground, and then use the support in front close to the tyre side, and rear wedge ( must cooperate closely with good driver, so as to avoid personal injury).

(2) using a crowbar tools and so on, removing the retainer ring and the lock ring and then check the tyres and rims liner outer surface adhesion ( tire is used for a long time, pad and the rim surface adhesion ). If can remove support, so that the machine in a short distance slow reciprocating operation, until the liner and the outer surface from the rim; no steering and speed, so as to avoid damage to the inner tube. Then, the front wheel to prop up.

(3) the inner, outer position relative to the mark, to search, removal of the foreign body and tire repair.

(4) using a crowbar and other tools, the tire from the rim remove. Pay attention to tacit cooperation, action should be gentle, to avoid being injured by the tire, and to protect the valve.

(5) tire nail elongated foreign body injuries after, if the surface no obvious wound or wound is small, the tire can continue to use ( because the loader tire belongs to low pressure tire, and running speed is slow ); if the wound is large, it must be repaired ( because when the machine is running, the tire is extruded by friction, time long will damage the inner tube, and even more and more prominent, wound tube, causing the tire scrap ).

(6) if a new inner tube, the Tire Valve must be at the bottom of the bolt, to avoid leaks; and then the tire cavity foreign body removal, and thrown into the appropriate talc crushing machine, evenly. In order to make the liner and the inner, outer cover tightly, into the inner tube to tube should be properly inflated, and then into the liner.

(7) the tires mounted on the rim, with locking ring, ring; the installation process to protect the Tire Valve.

(8) with a vehicle air compressor to charge the tyre.

(9) pressure movable arm lifting rod, out of the bracket; thus being finished, the whole process takes about 50 minutes.

After the replacement of tires, need another loader or other lifting equipment auxiliary, the rear tire to prop up the other program, and replacing the front tires the same.

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