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Iveco truck tire valve off failure-Ningbo Yinzhou Xinghua Metal Products Factory

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An Iveco truck driving on the way, the left front tire suddenly serious leakage (similar to puncture ), resulting in vehicle steering control, but the speed is not high, not to cause the serious accident. The event, make the following analysis phenomenon causes, and puts forward the problems which should be paid attention to.

Automobile radiator _1phenomenon

Tire suddenly serious leakage, steering control, the left front tire lateral and matrix along the periphery of completely uniform separation ( like cutting shape ), found no burst a Truck Tire Valve falls off and is lost.

                               Truck Tire Valve

The 2reason analysis

A. The tyre exceeds 20000km, tire condition good and carcass tyre burst crack, not caused by puncture.

B. The tire and the tire side interface of separation line and line, located in the wheel rim and the tire contact office, tire is completely under the condition of lack of gas separation. Description of tyre and tyre side is separated at tyre state automobile to continue running ( or inertial running wheel ),” cutting” tire caused by.

C. Tire valve falls off and is lost, is caused by a severe lack of gas in the root causes of tire. Iveco vehicle is used in tubeless tire, valve fixed on the steel ring, the front part is threaded metal materials, the roots are rubber materials, due to daily maintenance, air when subjected to twisting and rubber aging and other factors, the Truck Tire Valve in the root fracture, shedding.

The 3problems which should be paid attention to

A. In daily maintenance should be strengthened in the valve check valve, found rubber aging, crack, should be promptly replaced.

B. Suggestions in vehicle maintenance of two, mandatory replacement of valve, so as not to cause serious losses.

In the procurement valve, attention should be paid to the rubber material quality, ensure that the use of cycle.

_ _ _ tire Truck Tire Valve is a small parts, but its role be no trivial matter., once damaged, be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. Must attach great importance to this small accessories.

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