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Owner troubles last week, although the majority of owners point to the sun and the source of the trouble, but when it comes to bring their own troubles up to temperature. Summer heat, let the car owners and car are injured, it also brings a lot of trouble. These troubles are mostly concentrated in the many aspects of the tires, air conditioning, spontaneous combustion, interior comfort. Let’s first look at the the most close security relationship tire.

    Summer traffic safety tire checks essential

    Owners of troubles in the last week, many owners worry about the own vehicle tire failure due to the hot weather. In fact, summer driving, especially on the highway, nearly half of the accidents caused by tire failure.

    Auto Parts World of Chang Kuo pointed out that the generally flat tire because the tire pressure is insufficient or too high. If the tire pressure is easy to make the tire sidewall bending and breaking burst. If the road before when inflated, due to Tire Valve wear and dust caused by a flat tire, the tire internal tire pressure is too low, can easily lead to a puncture. Tire pressure is too high to make easy tire to burst at the defect in the hot summer weather or when traveling for a long time, this situation is more common.

    Check tire pressure before driving, this is the “miscarriage” the most common method. The two front wheels and two rear wheels inflation pressure should be consistent, otherwise traffic in each tire uneven force will cause a puncture. A hot summer Remember that air pressure is not too high, especially in highway driving, the tire inflation pressure lies in between 85% and 90% of the normal value, because the car at high speed for a long time, tire friction and heat generated distributing too late to make the womb The increase in air pressure. Increased fetal temperature increase wear, can easily cause the tire burst, causing the car to crash tragedy.

    Chang Kuo also reminded timely heat of summer to make tires. If a car traveling on the highway after an hour, in relation to the appropriate slowdown speed, tire to cool down and then accelerate. Remember not to use cold water poured tire deflated, so that the brake hub and wheels are easy to crack, deflate the tire temperature is reduced there will be insufficient air pressure. Chang Kuo also recommended Qualified owners to alloy wheels, although your point, but in the summer the advantage is obvious, faster cooling, weight, proved, owners of a car for the alloy wheels, a year down to save a good quality tire money is no problem.

    Pick the right tire, Chang Kuo said, the owners of the best to look at the tire tread, tread on car tires, in addition to play a beautiful effect, have a great impact on tire performance. Often in city driving the car, you should choose a small tire of those patterns, low noise performance. Need a car cross-country and long distances, you can choose a pattern of massive. Such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli these big brands have their own product characteristics, vehicle owners can be selected according to their requirements, consider replacing the flat If you are not satisfied with your vehicle’s handling, lower-profile tires, a lot of models, one of the most effective ways to improve vehicle appearance and handling performance is to replace the low-profile tires.

    Wei Jian also believes that the summer driving should be used in aggravation harder and better drainage performance of the tire, such as asymmetric tread or tire with a chute, good drainage performance tires provide more grip in the rain, in order to ensure road safety.

    Chang Kuo also recommends that owners best to tire in the summer driving filled with nitrogen, because the stability of the inert gas, high temperature heating, the gas will not over-expansion, in order to avoid a puncture. Car to recharge a nitrogen cost is not high, tens of dollars to two hundred dollars can get.

    Is very important to learn some common sense

    Cheng Yanhui with particular emphasis to the car’s tires to be essential for a routine check each tire should be careful to conduct a “physical”. If the tire is only worn on both sides of the long-term lack of tire pressure, if you only wear the middle part of the long-term tire pressure is too high, you should at least once a month the amount of tire pressure and the tire pressure is maintained at the standard value; if the wear is not balanced East a West a tire unbalanced rims deformation, should do tire balance, front wheel alignment or replacement of the deformed steel ring; front wheel alignment should be done only wear one side of the tire roll angle offset, camber corrected; uplift lump If you touch the tire, said air into the tire inner layer, regardless of the old and the new tires, should be replaced; fine cracks on the tire tread, tire rubber begin to age, it should be replaced.

Often view the tire pressure is key for summer car “miscarriage”
2011/5/18/8: 23 Source: HC automobile maintenance network
    Owners select the appropriate speed level should be based on different speed car tire quality standards, and should check the date of manufacture of the tire, if you exceed the period of use is the best time to replace. Tire rubber high temperature abrasion butyl rubber or better explosion-proof with no guts tire as the tread damage should be replaced as soon as possible. Usually pull over to be as careful as possible to avoid tire outside of collision or collision roadside. Otherwise it is easy to make the tire sidewall injuries hidden, more serious cause internal wire breakage or rims deformation.

TR4 Motorcycle Tire Valve

    Ningbo Yinzhou Xinghua Metal Products Factory believes that, to select those with good handling and safety of tires in the summer. Short braking distances, the strong grip of the wet and dry ground, good drainage, high carcass level, strong and durable, suitable for Chinese road tire, the consumer is the best Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, and other big brands. As for maintenance, he said, judge a tire’s tread wear, you can see the tread wear indicator mark, which is molded in the bottom of the tread grooves, the transcontinental tread width 13mm belt-shaped area, when the tire is worn to the wear indicator The markers revealed, tire tread depth is 1.6mm, then should replace the tire, or the tire will slip occurred lane dangerous.

    Also do not be alarmed if the high speed puncture, to try to remain calm, do not rush to hit the steering wheel or emergency braking, should be both hands firmly to the steering wheel, brakes slow speed uniform decline, parked and then replace the spare tire.

Copper and natural rubber prices skyrocketing, the valve core enterprises swallow. Although the Tire Valve core products is 5% price increase after the New Year, the 2011 copper and natural rubber prices rose about 20%, the valve core price performance has been far behind in the speed of the main raw material prices. The valve core new round of price adjustment is inevitable, expected in late March or early April, the price increase of 5% to 10%.

First, copper and natural rubber high-priced Forced valve core prices. The main raw material of the valve core for copper and rubber, copper, accounting for about 60% of the valve core cost rubber accounts for about 20% of the cost of the valve core. World copper prices since June last year, has surged more than 60%. Exceeded $ 100,000 / ton mark in early February of this year, and has been up to a new high. Relative to the beginning of last year, the copper price rose 100% rubber price increase is also more than 100%. Since last year, the valve core three rounds of price increases, price increases in the range of 15% to 20%, but much lower than the price increase of the main raw materials such as copper and rubber. At current prices, the valve core enterprises mostly at a loss. Valve core enterprise alone can tap the potential to absorb the cost is powerless and can only choose to transfer downstream.

Second, labor costs increased push the valve core prices up. The valve core is a labor-intensive industry, labor costs accounted for 20% of the cost of the valve core. Of the valve core companies are mainly located in Ningbo, Jiangyin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao, relatively high wages in these areas. Early last year in these areas to promote the implementation of the new labor contract law, labor costs have improved greatly. The valve core employees wages generally rose after the Spring Festival this year, one percent to two percent. This is the valve the mouth core prices.

Third, the valve core demand to support prices. The valve core is the key auto parts. In 2009 and 2010, China’s automobile market “blowout” growth, automobile production in one or two years, after 2023, will become the consumers of the valve core. Recovery in the world automobile industry, the substantial growth in the world’s auto giants such as General Motors, Ford sales situation, China’s automobile production and sales continue in January to the people drive the car intentions growth, human security mean increase, these have increased the demand valve core provide support for the valve the mouth core prices rose.

China’s valve core production accounts for 75% of world production, and half of the total output of the valve core is controlled by several major manufacturers. Several manufacturers price has become the benchmark, and follow up quickly once the prices of other enterprises. Now the prices of our large valve core enterprise obvious intention of individual enterprises has issued notice prices. Just consider the price January just mentioned, separated by shorter, so the majority of the valve core enterprises consider selection at the end of the first quarter or early second quarter.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, the hard work of the tire in the long-distance by car for all to see. Holiday coming up, let us for the tire to be a “foot”!

 Check whether the inclusion foreign body

    Cars in the process of long-distance travel, as the tire of the car enough “, but with their own body experienced every inch of the journey traveled, which both Yimapingchuan asphalt road, there are undulating country lanes, more Feishazoushi thorny dangerous road.

    Therefore, owners should first check whether the inclusion of a foreign body in the tire tread.

    If the tire is interspersed with gravel and other foreign matter, it is necessary to clean out in a timely manner. If we do not clean up, part off on their own, there is a considerable part of more and more “stubborn” card bogged down when the tire wear to a certain extent, these pebbles and even pierce the carcass in the pattern resulting in a flat tire or even a flat tire.

    View trauma and wear

    Check the tire can be divided into the following steps:

    First you want to wash the car, especially tire to clean. If the tire tread stained with mud, it is possible to conceal the scars of the tread. After cleaning, carefully observe the tire is cut, abrasions, whether there is a bulge bulge. If the tire shoulder or sidewall cracks, bumps or drum kits, should be promptly replaced with new tires.

    Second, check the tire tread wear, if badly worn, there will be the possibility of a sudden loss of traction and braking force on a rainy day. To avoid the above situation, the new tires should be replaced.

    In addition, the Tire Valve rubber products, rubber becomes dark red, indicating that the valve has been aging, and can not guarantee good air tightness. So check the tires, but also view the valve and replace if necessary.

    To be a dynamic balancing and wheel alignment

    Hiking in the car will encounter a variety of road conditions, tire also because of this or that problem and loss of balance. If you find that vehicles traveling at high speed when the steering wheel is trembling, that means do tire balancing. To improve vehicle safety, stability, be sure to Car Service Station for the tire dynamic balance.

    Must have experienced in a long distance by car car collision at high speed, sharp turns, emergency braking or over obstacles, etc., which are likely to damage the positioning of the wheels, which appear the vehicle deviation, bumps or wheels uneven wear (commonly known as “eating the tires”), affecting traffic safety. Therefore, once the above symptoms, to go to a professional repair station for tires and wheel alignment.

    Cooled state detecting tire pressure

    All car tire manufacturers under the tire pressure standard value. After a long hiking tire tire pressure is definitely different and before departure, then you need to measure tire pressure and adjust.

    Owners available the inflatable pump on the manometer measuring tire pressure checks. Check the tire pressure should be in a state of cold tires. This is because the tire driving temperature, tire pressure will be higher than the actual value, then reduce heat tires tire pressure after cooling the tire pressure on inadequate, it should at least stop three hours later to check. If necessary, should the tire pressure pressure supplement to provisions in the car on the Billboard. In addition, the use of high-quality barometer check tire pressure, not only from the appearance of the judge tire inflation pressure is correct.

TR1 Bicycle Tire Valve

    In fact, the detection of tire pressure is the most important part of the routine maintenance of the tire should not be merely in hiking returned before doing. In the day-to-day driving, you should develop a good habit (preferably one week check once) to check the tire pressure on a regular basis, to eliminate the security risks in the bud. Of Zong and M Ze 〇

    Chassis care essential

    Outings, inevitably some special gravel road to go. Although the car factory, the chassis will rust after treatment, but more due to the self-drive process go mountain roads, bad roads, mud and other dirt easily attached to the chassis, and even some gravel also tap on the chassis protective layer exfoliation of the chassis, the chassis may be corroded.

    Therefore, after returning by car, must be carefully monitored chassis, if there is trauma to the timely processing.

    Owners can be recalled scratched chassis in the process of moving experience. Contrast before and after the car leave if there is significant change if the chassis abnormal sound, steering wheel jitter, grease and phenomena such as the vehicle’s parking position, the chassis has been damaged.

The car is a whole, and the tires are the only parts in contact with the ground in the overall work environment a little evil, wind and rain the sun is a routine, but is such a hard working man “step” at the foot of the small role in the life of the car is indispensable and decisive position of the male lead actor.

    A good tire will give you a sense of security that will give you driving comfort, will improve vehicle handling performance will improve fuel economy. . . To see the benefits of this series, you should not treat it?

    Below invite you take a minute to look at, what tires need care.

    Tire pressure change with temperature change, the temperature liter / down 10 ° C, the pressure also will rise / fall of 0.07-0.14 kg / sq cm; pressure must be measured in the tire when cooled, and the measurements must be after the Tire Valve cap better.

    Tire pressure change with temperature change, the temperature liter / down 10 ° C, the pressure also will rise / fall of 0.07-0.14 kg / sq cm; pressure must be measured in the tire cooling, and the measurements must be after the valve cap better.

    Make it a habit to frequently used barometer measuring pressure habits, not to judge with the naked eye. Pressure sometimes run away many tires look but not too deflated. Time pressure (including the spare) should be at least a month to check the air pressure of the spare tire to charge relatively high in order to avoid falling into run away.

    Highway driving before, must ensure that the air pressure is correct; usually in highway driving, the tire pressure should be increased by 10% in order to reduce the heat generated due to flex, thereby enhancing the safety and security of driving.

    Two tires on the same axle should be exactly the same pattern specifications, and should charge the same pressure, otherwise it will affect the vehicle ride and handling.

    Insufficient tire pressure will cause the tires to overheat. Low pressure uneven ground area of ​​the tire tread or ply delamination, cracking of the tread groove and shoulder cord breaking the shoulder parts wear quickly, shortening the life of the tire; increase bead and rim between the abnormal friction, causing damage to the bead, or tire and rim detachment, even a flat tire; at the same time will increase rolling resistance and increase fuel consumption, but also affect the vehicle’s handling, serious and even lead to accidents.

    The pressure is too high, the body weight is concentrated in the center of the tread, resulting in rapid wear of the tread center. By external shocks, prone trauma and even blasting tread; excessive tension caused by tread delamination cracks and tread the ditch; tire grip is reduced, reduced braking performance; beating of vehicles, reduced comfort, vehicle suspension systems easily damaged.

    Found 20% less than the standard tire pressure, temporary qi is only a measure of the buffer of last resort in the case of an emergency, can not fundamentally solve the problem, must quickly removed the tire to the nearest tire shop to be checked by professionals.

TR414C  car Tire Valve

    A small tire puncture, if not treated, will eventually lead to casualties. Check frequently for the entire carcass is the presence of the nails, scrap iron, shards of glass, stone and other hard objects piercing, or other bruises, these potential hazards are likely to lead to a flat tire.

    Tire conservation is not trouble, as long as you do pay a little bit of thought, it will use its entire life to work for you. Finally to emphasize – the tire is very important!

The edge in some of the tire, we can clearly see a red solid circle and a yellow hollow circle. Red dots represent the tire longitudinal rigidity maximum position. What is the best suspension parts on the car? High-tech shock absorbers, or the design of advanced suspension system? No, it is the tires. Revolution of the tires on the ground, each at an angle to withstand the vibration force is not equal, a phenomenon known as RFV (RadialforceVariation) REV value is too large, the tire will vibrate, affecting ride comfort.

    Yellow hollow point called the tire light points mark, indicating that this location is the site of the lightest on the tire circumference, the most important position on this part of the tire steel full Tire Valve alignment replacement tires must be installed in order to make the wheels in motion to maintain the best balance.

    The tires should be installed to pay attention to

    The yellow dot on the side of a tire

    Each tire has a red dot and yellow dot, you look very carefully will find the red dot is solid, the yellow dot is hollow. Two points what is the significance? Installation of new tires, we have to deal with this point to pay attention to what? Solid red dot is the tire longitudinal rigidity of the largest position, put it bluntly is that solid red dot tire vibration in the rotating circle point of the maximum tire vibration, the vibration value is too large, so good manufacturers in New out detection, such as excessive vibration value is not going to let the factory. The red dot for the sales department and user can not know its value, so little significance.

    The hollow Huang, also known as light point mark, said the site is the lightest in the whole circumference of the tire. We all know, “Steam Che Gulu” in fact, is composed of three parts composed of: tires, wheels and valve mouth, due to the wheel to be “long” a valve mouth, so the wheels have valve mouth of the position, will be is this the whole circumference of the hub is the most important points, the most important point of the wheels if you are facing the lightest point on the tire (hollow yellow point), then they will play a complementary role, will make this Che Gulu “tends to be more balanced. Therefore, the tire when installing the correct way valve should be facing this hollow yellow dot.

    Second, the pattern of direction signs shall mark the direction of installation

    Some tire tread from the special needs of the angle to consider in the design of the direction or asymmetry, sign installation time should be strictly in accordance with the direction that would make driving trouble, such as manipulation performance, braking performance, decreased drainage function and so on. Install the symmetrical pattern of the tire to engrave DOT signs sidewall toward the outside, when the asymmetric pattern of the tire is installed, where there is a contradiction between DOT and the direction of the pattern, the first thing to consider is the pattern in the direction (some manufacturers to solve this problem on both sides of the sidewall has a DOT).

TR15 light truck Tire Valve

    Three inflatable correct way to

    Marked with the section tires on each tire pressure value, the correct pressure value should be for clause tire standard value of 80% – 100% (here note that the value of the tire pressure should tire standard prevail rather than the required pressure to the vehicle you are driving value date) when are you going to the air pressure set at 80%, and do not directly to the pressure to hit the value you want to stop the inflatable is in install the tire when the air pressure charge to the section tires under the value of 100% or slightly more than 100%, then the pressure on the required pressure value. This will enable the full bite of the tire bead and wheel, but also on the tires before you hit the road a little test.

In the car driving on the way, when the thunderstorm bursts of electric wiper, and it does not work, then we must make the necessary emergency treatment to ensure traffic safety.

    1) Check and remove leaves, twigs, insects and other debris around the wiper arm. Winter should be noted that the wiper arm, wiper blades and other moving parts are the ice frozen.

    2) Check the wiper blade rubber wiper is damaged, and Scratch windshield. Such as rubber wipers have been damaged should be replaced. Smears fixed in three ways, the demolition is not difficult.

    3) If only one side wiper arm does not move, it is the end of the wiper arm nut is loose, and only need to pry open the hood of the fixed nut above the cover, tighten the nut can be.

    4) If both sides of the wiper arm is not moving, may be blown wiper fuse should check.

    While driving on the way, if the valve core leak, according to the following methods of emergency treatment:

    1) If the Tire Valve cap of the mouth of the gas nozzle is metal mouth, can be made of suitable rubber gasket (rubber washer diameter slightly larger than the inner diameter of the valve a small side is appropriate). Production methods: with a suitable diameter of the thin pipe, such as pen sets, bullet casings, punched in the rubber, so the system out of Pidian better; the absence of a thin tube can also be used scissors to cut the rubber pad. Made of rubber gaskets, plug in the gas nozzle cap, then tighten the valve cap, book test leak can be used.

TR4 Motorcycle Tire Valve

    2) find a period of diameter slightly larger than the valve copper rod of the hose, to a thin metal Sizha tight, another caps on the metal copper rod with a thin metal Sizha tight. The fasten inflatable water test leak can be used.

A time when the summer heat, car tires under high temperature, become very restless, tire blowout accidents have occurred. The data show that more than 40 percent of traffic accidents and tire related. Tires, the car’s handling, comfort, acceleration has a considerable impact on the important parts that pertain to life safety. Therefore, the height of summer, tire maintenance is particularly important. Recently, many owners have to call “car 114″, asking how to prevent puncture, in the summer tire conservation. Today, we invited the Gar Hyundai Motor conservation experts, Mr. Lu Jingen Weapon for the majority of owners of summer safe driving.

    Q: What factors lead to easy flat tire?

    Expert Q & A: Generally speaking, flat tire due to tire wear is severe, causing carcass too thin, continue to heat the tire internal At this point, it is easy to object punctured, coupled with the weather overheating, which occurred in a puncture. In addition, the tire burst is also related to several factors.

    1, tire pressure. If the tire pressure is easy to make the tire sidewall bending and breaking burst. If the road inflated, due to Tire Valve wear and dust caused by a flat tire, the tire internal tire pressure is too low, can easily lead to a puncture.

    2, the tire pressure is too high. Allows the tire defects (such as the site of injury) burst, so the situation is more common in the hot summer weather or prolonged driving. Summer road surface temperature is often above 70 ℃, affected by temperature, the gas inside the tire will be self-inflating tire pressure rose from 2.3 kg to 3 kg for a long time in hot summer driving a car, damage or existence of a weakness in the tire It is easy to tire pressure is too high causing a puncture. In order to ensure the tire pressure, it is recommended nitrogen in the summer, filling pressure should be reduced by 10%. Long high-speed driving, after driving some distance, in the shade to cool the tires. Midday hot while driving, should be appropriately reduced speed.

    3, overloaded vehicles. Overloading of the vehicle tire the harm is self-evident, especially on the highway overloading of large trucks, and more prone to puncture the accident.

    4, high-speed passing of sharp objects. Vehicles at high speeds, the friction of the tire and road on a sharp stone or other sharp objects cause leaks, and then a tire failure is more common.

    Q: daily driving should pay attention to what matters to prevent puncture?

    Expert Q & A: flat tire is a complex phenomenon of tire destruction, there is a certain chance, but to strengthen the day-to-day maintenance can still be effective in preventing puncture.

    A timely replacement of tires. Summer temperatures will accelerate the wear and tear of aging of tire rubber, wire layer strength decline, general tire tread trench raised mark, is to remind owners to change the tire in a timely manner.

    2, positioning, balancing certain essential. Replacement or installation of tires, wheels to the car, the orientation angle and quality of distribution and will change, the most direct impact is that the tire uneven force are serious, individual tire tread wear, the summer driving or high-speed driving for a long time easily lead to puncture. Owners must regularly to the car wheel alignment and balance.

    Three, four transposition, extend tire life. Car front wheel hit the steering wheel’s sake, wear speed faster than the rear wheel in order to extend tire life, rotate the tires on a regular basis in order to balance the wear of the front and rear. General diagonal swap ways to make the tires wear evenly.

TR1 Bicycle Tire Valve

    And maintain a normal tire pressure. Summer tire pressure is easy to exceed the maximum value of continuous driving under high temperature or non-normal leakage will cause the tire pressure variation and puncture, so they give the car tires filled with nitrogen gas is the right choice. Nitrogen is an inert gas, is not easy to change as the temperature changes. In addition, sufficient nitrogen can also prevent tire natural oxidation and cracking.

    Often remove stones or foreign objects in the tread grooves, so as not to tire tread deformation. Check the tire sidewall whether cut, stabbed, and whether the exposed cord. If so, should be replaced. In addition, frequent driving on the highway must be on the tires regularly carry out transposition. Deserves special attention, daily tire inspections should also include the spare tire.

First Look at like this picture, English mouth traced back to 1888 Ireland Belfast Dunlop (Dunlop) invented the pneumatic tire, before this solid tires, solid tires I have ever used, the feeling is to ride to go veryconfidence, not afraid of bar tires, but also not afraid of the leak, is riding a heavy road is not good when Britain. The invention of the pneumatic tire is undoubtedly important invention of the bicycle industry are revolutionary, and later set up the Dunlop tire company, until 1960, dunlop company stopped the production of bicycle tires. This Tire Valve is called the “woods valve” or “dunlop valve”, I guess is called “woods valve” may be because the past rim is made ​​of wood. This valve is mainly the United Kingdom and Asia, such as China, China’s bicycle industry from the UK to learn of, so the valve natural “woods valve”.

 The second picture shows the American mouth, the English called “Schrader, valve, standard automotive valve, used to the bike just use the stroller or on a general use bike.

 The third graph is a French mouth called “presta valve”, mainly used in high-end bicycles and tubes with (tubulars) on

 The fourth graph is the application of the conversion mouth (French / English)

Editorial department of “star cars” Great Wall old Severin recently encountered a little trouble: the right rear wheel is full of gas, after just a few weeks they deflated some. Gas leak slower, the owner will be ignored, only to find later to check the tire even tie a 5 cm long screws – dark leakage not to let the tire repaired, sooner or later become a serious safety hazard . In fact, the tires dark leakage mainly confined to the following five, we can check it out.

    ● foreign body headlong into the tire

    Tie to the foreign body is the most common tire damage. Headlong into the tire easy to foreign objects, including nails, screws, wire, broken glass, sharp stones child, tiles. Which these foreign objects, nails and screws are most likely to tire puncture, resulting in tire dark leakage, but also inserted in the tire defects not promptly cleaned up, may exacerbate the damage of tires damaged parts.

    Inspection methods: the tire bar to a foreign body, as long as we are careful to observe the surface of the tire can be found. If the foreign body dive to the site is hidden, we can tire surface watering, to find the bubbles, and sometimes can hear the “hissing” discouraged sound.

    ● side of the tire and the inner edge of the damaged

    In addition to tire the front easy to be a hard object “plot”, the tire side and along the weak link. Poor sense of place in some car owners often let the side of the tire to rub the road sub-teeth, over time will wear the side of the tire; tire along the damage is caused due to operational errors to the removable tire on the wheel, this case is basically appear in installation of new tires or install tires tire repair links. Along the damaged side of the tire and will result in tire dark leakage, there will be a high risk of puncture.

    Inspection methods: the side of the tire extent of the damage can be directly observed, in severe cases cracking and drum kits, as long as they are found, must be replaced with new tires as soon as possible, to avoid puncture accidents.

    Tire edge is broken, you need to disassemble the tires to check the owners in the repair shop when the removable tire can be to carefully monitor the operation of the maintenance man, when abnormal, can promptly stop.

    ● The Tire Valve is damaged

    If nothing abnormal in the tire, then we can divert attention to the valve lips. The family cars are basically equipped with vacuum tire valve installed in the wheels of its material is rubber. The rubber material of the valve in use for some time, the attack of the sun and rain and tire pressure will gradually aging, the texture gradually harden, eventually cracking the leak.

TR414 Car Valve

    Inspection methods: check valve, in addition to the surface for cracks, you can also touch the valve rubber, feel its softness. Since the rubber valve of aging easily rupture, then the owners may wish to try to replace the metal valve. Although the money to buy a metal valve bought a few rubber valve, but the more durable metal valve will make people more at ease and more peace of mind.

    ● wheel flange deformation

    Car tire full of air, the tire outer edge of the tight fit with the wheel flange to prevent the leakage of the gas within the tire. If the wheel flange is deformed by the collision, will affect its fit with the outer edge of the tire, causing the tire dark leakage.

    Inspection method: If the wheel flange is severely deformed, can be found with the naked eye; wheel flange deformation is not obvious, you need to first remove the wheel, and then to the tire and wheel joints with water to produce air bubbles place is the hub deformation resulting in a dark site of leakage.

    ● wheels burst

    This dark leakage placed in the last one, because this situation is relatively rare.

Wheels rupture will result in the vacuum tire internal gas leak from the cracks, small cracks will be hidden wheels fracture. It can be said that this situation is rare, but a high degree of risk.

    Inspection methods: did not find four dark leakage, then we have to check the wheels. Before the inspection will need to remove the wheel, and then look at the wheel surface and the inner wall of the presence of cracks. If the wheels unfortunately cracks, it can not expect good repair, and quickly replace the new wheels be considered insurance.

    Summary: The tire dark leakage is a very annoying problem, there is no owner is willing to help tire inflation bursts. In the process of daily car, owners should always pay attention to the status of the observation wheel, appear dark leakage may wish to self-test of reason, to the repair shop will be able to prescribe the right medicine as soon as possible repair, but also to avoid exaggerating the problem pit of money by unscrupulous stores.