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In June this year, suddenly heated up, I found that the car’s air conditioning effects to die, then, in early July, then empty, 4S shop repairs, and car maintenance. Masters said a tube of air conditioning leak, had to change. At the same time, has opened five years ago, front and rear brakes, four tires, replacement, plus regular oil filter, air conditioning clean, 7788, checkout, spent more than 6,000. Although somewhat feel sorry, but think about it, be safe, it’s had to change, of course, right when the overhaul.
Two weeks after the weekend. At around four o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday, go downstairs when you trash, found the car had a flat left rear wheel. Not feel my heart sinking. Shortly just maintenance, tires are new. Land managers, remember asking 4S shop, they are not repairing tires. Contact with only one friend to open the auto repair shop. Friends, chefs work in the shop tomorrow. The next morning, friends shop found to master drive, removing the flat tire and put on the spare tire in the trunk. On Monday, I drove to repair shops, tire repaired back, spare tire away.
Asked the shop teacher, is a nail punctured a tire on it? Reply, tires are good, aging valves leak, has changed. I asked, do tires do not have a common border and valves (my question was too unprofessional)? Answer, do not have a common border.
Later, the friend asked me where to change the tire? I said, in the 4S shop. He gave me a sentence, change tires to 4S shop Ah? A look of disdain, I think was very silent.
After another week, also is the weekend. On Sunday morning, bought vegetables back home, habitually look at the tires, and go to the left side of the car and found that had a flat left front tire. Recently, often used to look at the tires, neurotic. How can we really had a flat?
It appears that must change a tyre-related. Land managers, called 4S shop. I said that formal complaints against you, drove more than five years, has been all right, change tires, only a flat for a week, how on Earth is going on? Land managers said have never come across such a thing. Perhaps see my “formal complaints” more serious, he asked me about my home address, saying that soon. Wives are also very angry, asked 4S stores the total number of telephone calls in the past, gave them “a Deputy in dire straits”. Maintenance, change tires, are you 4S shop, now that another new tires are such that if there are high speed, thus escaping, who’s in charge!
While land managers call came, that checked in the computer, when you change a tyre, valve did not change, might indeed be aging valves and immediately.
4S shop was James flower “test drive the car” to in a moment. Remove immediately, spare tire mounted. Flip, a closer look, as if there are no foreign objects such as wire nails. Preliminary judgment, the original valve replacement. So I drove to their 4S shop.
Except last week outside the valve the tire has been changed, and the remaining three, are all venting gas, the old valves into the new. Young master that had a flat tire holder grilled on tire machine, bakai thick rubber skin, cut the old valve with a knife, remove it. Leakage causes bottom, then root on the valves, connections both within and outside the Department, rubber has cracked due to aging.

TR414 Car Valve

Land managers on the sidelines of the subordinate said, next time you encountered where the replacement tires, all valves are replaced, didn’t realize before, only one or two people call to reflect, but didn’t pay attention to.
All done and ready to go home, I again to finalize land managers, only valve problem? Land Manager, he kept saying, Yes, now replaced by a new, rest assured. He again explained that the valve itself has also been used for many years, but didn’t carry it, it is not easy to bad, this time when you change tires, moving it, may encourage aging cracked. Was a little thing, 2 dollars only, not thought to cause so much trouble.
Hey, valve is small, cheap, but once you’ve ignored it, ignored its existence, when the change does not change, it will still make trouble, let out a flat tire, so could not move the car.
Before and after nearly a month of frustrating, he let me taste of the car’s most humble and the most worthless, most easily overlooked Accessories: valves.
How to check whether the valve leak
A flat tire, should find the leak’s cause, and to prescribe, for repairs. When checking. First valve
: Skewer dust cap f, who drops on the Tire Valve core … Dripping water. Valve core holes sealed. Bitter beads become blistered and cracked description Door core leak, should fall to get a new valve hose. If no leakage phenomenon, Liu with a small bottle filled with water in the Gulf, valves widely, as Figure 241 c straw mat, a small bottle of bubbles in a row, and then the valve core and valve body part of air leakage. This will tighten the screw compressor errors and try again. If there are air bubbles, and pull the valve core, valve hose check food carefully for cracked or not completely wrap the l cone valve core.
VAR Bicycle Tire Valve

Check enterprises think that no problem, note inner tube leakage.

When you replace and repair the Tire Valve, to check the integrity of the nosing. If nosing injury, you must replace the new part. Replace the flange
Steps are as follows:
(1) by contusion and good inner tube scrap cut oval blades. Its dimensions for oral administration to 160 M90-i for small
Tires for 1d80Me and then a contusion and roughness, and cut into the slope along the contour. With clean gasoline dropped surface brushing glue
Water twice, and after each brushing dry c
(2) from the coated layer of fabric sample cutting two oval blades. Its dimensions for large inner tube 140 x 70M and
1M x 50 cafes; for a small tube 120 x19 cafes and 100 x40M. Brush glue on both sides and then once, and baking
(3) on the rubber sheet put up small, later posted large’s rubber-coated fabric layer thin slices, and place the symmetric. In the margin and the edge of
Shall have the same distance between, and roller compaction.
(4) glue layer thin edges of fabric covered with inner tube rubber, well in thin hollow Punch Punching a vision for Central trails 5M small round holes o
(5) within the tube towards the round silk surface absolutely no wound of elected local, contusion and hair with a metal brush or silicon carbide grinding wheel. Contusion
Dimensions of the parts, each side should be greater than the flange size 5 cafes.
(6) removing the tire ash, wipe gasoline dropped across the surface, and then brush the second glue and drying after each brush.
(7) in the inner tube brushing glue and dry parts, attach prepared nosing, and inner tube flange hole with the holes on the coincidence
Inner tube valve wire flat withholding, clamping nut threads are damaged, bent or stand under valves pipe damage affecting gas tightness
Seal, you will have to be replaced.
Inner tube valve repair is as follows;
(1) check the nosing and willingly doors adjacent to part of the Karma Kagyu have defects
Well, you should check valves.
As technology is in good condition, and valves fixed credits
(2) if the pipe valves can be repaired, only thread damage, can use wire-tapping and thread plate fix thread.
(3) are not available using the Tire Valve should be replaced.
(4) from valve remove the inner tube through the fissure. Inner tube wall when there is no RIP, you can cut exports of 7, 8, by deleting.
(5) in the inner tube inside the enemy new valves, embedding it in flange hole, install bridge-shaped pad, and wrench tightening valve screw
Hat. Valve bridge pad should be installed, that its elliptical long shaft arranged along the inner tube circumference, rather than transverse and not allowed to bend bridge
Pad, its end should be 30. C bridge pad installation to be toward the outside, valve bent portion should be sideways towards the direction of the inner tube tube o
(6) to fill the wound.
(7) in order to remove or in-line valves and holes cut into (intact.
(8) when replacing a light car inner tube rubber mouth, knife cut the old valves that are available, and silicon carbide grinding wheels on inner tubes
Ground off valves on the remainder. And then in the files of local and new rubber valve seat (nosing) glue coating and drying.
Ready for new valves attached to the place, to make the valve turn hole holes accurately and inner tube compatible, Cape Collinson valve rubber
Edge embedded within the inner tube Speciosa. With roller pressure valves, and in special curing of valve plate curing on.
Motorcycle Tire Valve TR43E series details:

Motorcycle valve TR43E series

1. material: brass chrome
2. size: 43mm
3. the same series valves TR33E,TR48E
4. packaging: 100 PCs/bag, 1000 PCs/box
TR87 Motorcycle Valve
Tire Valve core” is the subject of a brief period of top hollow and the lower solid cylinders, opened a small hole in the side of the bottom of the hollow part of China Unicom. Following sets of flexible rubber tube on the fine edge of the previous paragraph constitute a dedicated core of overall. In fact, it is a one-way valve, when cheer when you bicycle tyres, tubes by compressed air in hollow parts into the valve core, flexible rubber tube has “top”, air tyres; when you cheer not, flexible rubber pipes tightening, cover the small holes on the side of, so that air cannot return from the tyres.
Tire maintenance is to stress at the outset, to meet the requirements of the correct air pressure should be maintained while driving. Tire sidewall there is a motor vehicle provided by the manufacturer of the highest pressure value, at least once a month to check all tyres (including the spare tires,) cooled by air pressure. Check alone is not enough, however, if it is found that the air pressure reducing too quickly, it is important to identify the reasons for, avoid risks, at some point was a surprise. Sheaf of nails, cut, Tire Valve rubber aging, cracks are likely to be the culprit. If this is a new car, to check for fit edge rims rims and tires in good condition, did you do leak checking and leak testing. Reasons identified may turn to experienced dealers or tire shop, whether advice is worth repairing because areas such as ligation nailed this behavior will cause damage to the tire’s internal structure, does not deserve to continue to use.
In any case, do not exceed reasonable speed driving conditions and legal restrictions. If when you encounter obstacles such as stones, potholes ahead, you want to avoid or slow movement. Because even though the inflation pressure correctly, when travelling at high speed, tires if you have a road barrier injury caused the damage likely higher than in low-speed driving. Radial tire of fetal surface is has wire with beam layer of, and tire edge is no wire layer cover, high-speed driving Shi, tire impact pit hole and the other outside foreign body, led to tire in shock real and rims convex margin between produced serious of extrusion deformation, can caused cord broken yarn, tire internal of air is from broken yarn Department top since formed bulging, continues to using such of tire will led to broken yarn increasingly more, eventually formed explosion fetal.


To always check the tire situation, including whether there is bulging, cracking, cut, tie nail and irregular tire wear. Some new cars bought before long, much car tire wear on both sides, while wearing very little, or faster than the remainder of the tread shoulder wear. This is caused by a poor tire location, taking into account the four wheel alignment, even if the vehicle is less than 8,000 km, otherwise spend hundreds of dollars buying tires can easily be eaten. Do not simply something to change tires, vehicle itself does not change, can be a problem for a new tire is, feet, it’s like there is a problem where the feet for shoes as meaningless. If you tire of excessive jitter, the wheels may be uneven, which not only reduce tire life, and can affect the vehicle’s maneuverability, risks may occur.


Tire wear to wear signs, you should stop using. In tread groove left 1.6 mm wear signs. Wear this flag, it must be replaced. Use more than mold consumption indicates that the tire is dangerous for the flag, especially when travelling in wetlands. Because the pattern is grind, drainage performance of tires greatly reduced, tire and basically formed the surface water status, hindering tire contact with the ground, grip greatly reduced, there is a security risk.

TR4 Motorcycle Tire Valve

Put the spare tire should be avoided in the vicinity of sunlight, oils, acids, hydrocarbons, which will erode the tire. All tires should be stored in a cool, dry and dark Interior, in order to avoid moisture accumulation in the tires to dangerous. Because pressurized, liquid can enter the tires through tire internal air layer of layers, which can cause damage to the tire suddenly. When purchasing tires, tire store environment, you can also visit a tire shop.
Tires have been likened people wear shoes, this is not a bad idea, but not know about soles appear burst churenming stories and tires burst causing car crash when message is heard. Statistical data show that highway traffic accidents, accidents caused by tire more than 70%. From this point of view, the tires on the vehicle far exceeds the importance of shoes on the importance of people.
Users often only before trip on the engine, brakes, steering, lighting and other inspection and maintenance, but neglected to tire inspection, maintenance, which planted some dangers to driving safety. This article summarizes ten taboos of used tires, hoping to provide some help for your car.
1, avoid tire pressure is too high.
Car plant has special provisions for tyre pressure, follow the marked, do not exceed the maximum value. Hyperbaric bringing the weight concentrated on tread centers, led to the tread Center rapid wear. When subjected to external shocks, prone to injury and even blasting tread; tension is too large, resulting in delamination tread and tread groove cracking at the end of; tire grip reduced braking performance vehicles beating, less comfortable, easily damaged the vehicles suspension system.
2, avoid low tire pressure.
Insufficient tire pressure will cause the tires to overheat. Low voltage makes tire of grounding area does not uniform, fetal surface or cord layer off layer, and fetal surface Groove and the fetal shoulder cracking, curtain line fracture, fetal shoulder parts fast wear, shortened tire of using life; increases fetal lip and rims Zhijian of exception friction, caused fetal lip injury, or tire and rims from, even explosion fetal; while will increased scroll resistance, and increased fuel consumption, and effects vehicles of manipulation, serious Shi even raised traffic accident.
3, dont judge according to the naked eye tire pressure.
Average monthly out of tire pressure of 0.7 kg/square centimeter, and tire pressure varies with temperature, temperature rise/fall 10 ℃, rise/fall 0.07~0.14 the pressure kg/square centimeter; air pressure must be measured in the tire cooled, and measuring Tire Valve cap must be covered. Habit of exercise regularly and use the barometer to measure air pressure, do not judge according to the naked eye. Sometimes ran away a lot of air pressure, tire does not look too flat. Should be checked at least once a month the air pressure (including spare tire).
TPMS Sensor Valve car valve
4, bogey as a normal tire spare tire use.
Vehicle is being used in, if run from 100,000 to 80,000 km later, users will tire of the spare tire as well, the original tire as a spare tire, this is absolutely not desirable. Because the use of time, tire aging is not the same, and there is very unsafe.
Tire was bad on the road, vehicle owners usually replace it with the spare tire, some owners don’t remember to change a spare tire, forgot the spare tire is “ready in case tire”.
5, bogey around the tire pressure is inconsistent.
When the side when tire pressure is too low, driving, braking vehicles during the deviation on this side. Also note that two tires on the same axle are pattern exactly the same specifications, different manufacturers, different patterns of tyre is not available for both two wheels, or deviation phenomenon can also occur.
6, avoiding tire overworked.
Tire structure, strength, and the use of pressure and speed is manufacturers strict calculation determines, overloaded tire will be affected does not adhere to the standard of its useful life. According to the experimental proof of the departments concerned: overload 10% tires reduced life expectancy 20%; overload 30% tire rolling resistance will increase-45%, while fuel consumption will increase. While overloaded itself is strictly prohibited by the law.
7 bogey is not cleared in time tire debris.
Car in driving process in the, driving pavement vary, fetal sheath in the inevitable to will clip chop suey stones, and nails, and iron, and glass debris, foreign body, as does not timely clear, time long has, which has part will own shedding, but has quite part will increasingly “stubborn”, card in pattern in the more depression more deep, dang tire wear to must degree Hou, these foreign body even will thorn broken fetal body, led to tire leak even explosion fetal.
8 bogey spare tire without regardless of disregard.
Spare tire is generally in the Kaku, Kaku often kept in oil, such as oil. Main composition is the rubber of the tire and rubber are most afraid of is the erosion of various oils, tires to come in after the oil soon expansion corrosion can occur, which can greatly reduce the life of the tire. So try not to spare tire and oil together. If the oil level on the spare tire has, in time with a mild detergent wash away oil.
When checking the tire pressure at a time, don’t forget to check the spare tire. And relative spare tire air pressure to charge higher, so as to avoid long run away.
9 bogey tire pressure set in stone.
Typically when the Freeway driving, tire pressure should increase the 10%, in order to reduce the heat generated by the flexor flexible, thus enhancing road safety and security.
In winter as well as suitably increase tire pressure. Winter outdoor temperature is low, tire pressure is also affected by thermal expansion and contraction will be reduced, if unduly increase tire pressure, will not only increase vehicle fuel consumption also accelerated tire wear. But also not be excessive, otherwise it will greatly reduce the friction of the tires and the ground, braking performance.
10 bogey patched the tires do not care.
Patched the tire do not install in Castor, also not in use for a long time on the highway. When the sidewall damage, sidewall relatively thin and in use is the deformation of the tyre region, under predominantly from air pressure within the tire circumferential force larger, so the tire should be replaced.