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When replacing tires at a time, all at the same time replacing the valve. Doing so cost is very low, but it is to protect the tires, vehicle, and you are important part of safe driving.
Original tire valves and their components are made of rubber, so is aging over time. When you buy new tires, try and replace it. At high speeds, aging, cracking of rubber valve may be due to centrifugal force and bending, resulting in leakage. Different tire valves leak, very slow and not easily detected. Easily lead to tire in case of depression. Brings to the driving safety hazards.
Alloy dust Cap
Valve cap is also very important, its primary role is to isolate the air, also contribute to obscuring dust and debris. Should periodically check whether the gas nozzle and air cap in good condition to ensure that: keep tire air sealing correctly to prolong the life of the tire tire pressure
Tire valves used on tubeless tires mounted on inner tubes and tubeless tires mounted on rims. (Bo-fuel network) structure can be divided into rubber-metal valves and metal valves with rubber mat two. first for passenger car tire inner tube, which is mainly used for truck tire inner tubes. tubeless tyre valves have the same internal structure and normal valves. following on tire valves do explain briefly the role and classification. Recommended articles: Home gas heating stoves
Tyre valve: used tires filled with gases or liquids, and can maintain and detect the internal pressure of a one-way valve (check valve). (Bo-fuel network) tubeless tires mounted on the inner tubes and tubeless tires mounted on rims.
Tyre valve category: valves there are 5 classifications
Category in accordance with: travel valves, motorcycle, electric valves, valve on car, truck valves, farm truck valves and special valves.

TR75A Truck Valve

B class tire valve tubeless:
TUBELESS and inner tube valve valve
Three types of tire valve assembly methods:
Screw-mounted valves, pressure-tight valves and clip type valve.
Four-class tire valve core Chamber size: common core Chamber valves and large core Chamber valves.
Five types of Tyre valve press valve core: English-style mouth, American mouth, the old mouth, German mouth and lips
Tire filling the air is well known to the people, said of little nitrogen. In fact, in some sectors of the military, and, application of nitrogen-filled tires, is nearly 20 years. As mentioned before United States President’s plane, outside the space shuttle, racing, there are exploration and excavator tires, were required under immense pressure, would have used a nitrogen filling, aircraft tires also have been taken. Nitrogen tire filling really for vehicles in General, it is only in the last three years. Due to formula one racing in Brazil is very popular, and Brazil who follow racing, filling on nitrogen in your own car, you feel good, so recognized. At present, Brazil in many places such as taxi companies, tyre shops, gas stations and other places are providing nitrogen filling device. The past two years, Western countries tires filled with nitrogen (nitrogen purity: 95%~99%) developed very rapidly.
To sum up, the benefits of nitrogen-filled tires:
Increase safety
Nitrogen is an inert gas, not spontaneous combustion do not support combustion, small coefficients of expansion. Tires at high speed in the heat, especially when braking brake disk by the strong heat caused friction, bringing the gas temperature in the tire tire pressure surges, often led to a flat tire, spontaneous combustion. Nitrogen a stable physical and chemical nature, can significantly reduce the chances of spontaneous combustion of a flat tire, to improve driving safety.
Delay the aging of rubber and prolong tire life
Rubber causes of aging is due to the oxygen molecules in the air. Tire cavity pressure, high oxygen partial pressure, humidity, and the glue layer thin, and so forth, oxygen starts from the inside tire erosion, gradually infiltrate into deep in the tire wall. Meanwhile, rubber and oxygen molecules unsaturated molecules in chemical reactions. After the rubber by oxidation, elastic drop, gradually harden, crack, finally losing efficiency of rubber. To protect rubber from oxidation by nitrogen, extending the service life of tires.
Nitrogen-filled, tire pressure stability
Nitrogen gas permeability of plastic side wall of speed, only one-third of oxygen, less wear and tear gas permeability in the fetal, tire pressure is maintained. Car runs good under long-term low rolling friction.
Now the vast majority of car tires are tubeless. Usually filled with moisture in the air, moisture will speed up wheel coating is oxidized to iron due to oxidation and rusting, aluminum is also very prone to corrosion, aluminium hydroxide powder. These powders create valve seals are not tight, the fetus Qi leakage to the outside. Although it is slow and difficult to detect, but tire pressure unknowingly falling. Case of the tire when the tire pressure is low, life expectancy shorter than expected.


According to United States Department of Transportation Statistics show that in the United States about 80% vehicles are run with insufficient tire pressure. This loss of 2 million additional gallons of gasoline every day.
Tires for wet gas problems, after filling the nitrogen dry and clean can be resolved. Reports said Brazil judge travelled far outside, in a six-month journey through 15 countries, across the mountain Plains, from tropical to cold areas. He filling tires with nitrogen, not going out far beyond the point of the accident, have had a flat tire, he put on an air-filled tires, continued to hit. Judges have found after walking more than 30,000 long: only filling his car tires that fill the air, halfway through and then you want filled, the remaining three nitrogen-filled tires completely refrain from nursing.
Fuel savings
Nitrogen-filled tires easily leaks, low thermal expansion and contraction, tire pressure can sustain stability, cars running under a low coefficient of rolling friction, reduces fuel consumption 2%~10%.
Conducive to environmental protection
Save fuel, reduce emissions; extend tire life, less waste tires. In the United States as the tire longer life expectancies 5%, can produce 100 million fewer waste tires per year.
Improve delivery efficiency, reduce transport costs
Tire pressure enough to run fast. Long tire life, can reduce parking for changing tires, air time, has also reduced the metal parts such as the LGV replacement maintenance. Reduces costs, improves auto effective delivery time.
Tire use nitrogen filled, as well as much. As far as the owners of fuel savings, extend the time tires to increase driving safety; in terms of countries, reducing the large number of waste tires, reducing energy consumption, is conducive to environmental protection.
Nitrogen from the air to the air, abundant sources readily available, low cost. Move is beneficial to a good measure, is advocating the promotion.
After the valve and seat lapping, check the seal:
① compressed air check: air pressure up to 490kPa,10s the pressure should not decrease;
② line method: on the valve face, each 10MM with a soft pencil and draw a line, and then goes on the valves of reciprocating Rotary one-fourth, such as the line was cut off for good sealing.
③ oiling method: on the valve face, apply a layer of red lead oil, rotate the valves on the match a little, see the imprint on the valve seat, if uninterrupted, for good sealing.
TR455 Car Valve
④ method of pouring kerosene: valves and valve springs fitted, on the intake and exhaust distance poured kerosene, kerosene should not be observed in the 3min valve leakage is qualified.
Tire maintenance is first of all to stress that, should be maintained to meet the requirements of the correct air pressure. Tire sidewall there is a motor vehicle provided by the manufacturer of the highest pressure value at least once a month to check all tyres (including the spare tires,) cooled by air pressure. Check alone is not enough, however, if you find the air pressure reducing too quickly, be sure to identify the reasons, avoid risks, was shot by surprise at some point. Fasten nails, cut, valves rubber aging, cracking is likely to be the culprit. If this is a new car to check for fit edge rims rims and tires in good condition, there is no leakage and leak test done. After identifying reasons you can find experienced dealer or tire shop, advice is worth repairing, as acts such as tie nail will corrupt the tire’s internal structure, does not warrant continued use.
In any case, do not exceed reasonable speed driving conditions and legal restrictions. If you experience when there are obstructions, such as stones, potholes in front, to avoid or slow traffic. Because even if air pressure is correct, travelling at high speed, tires if you have a road barrier injury caused damaged chances higher than the low-speed driving. Meridian tire of tires surface is has wire with beam layer of, and tire edge is no wire layer cover, high-speed driving Shi, tire impact hang hole and the other outside foreign body, led to tire in shock real and rims convex margin between produced serious of squeeze deformation, can caused cord broken yarn, tire internal of air is from broken yarn Department top up formation bulging, continues to using so of tire will led to broken yarn increasingly more, eventually formation burst tires.
To frequently check the tire situation, including whether there are bulging, cracking, cuts, tie nail and irregular tire wear. Bought a new car soon, car tire wear on both sides were much less wear or wear faster than the remainder of the tread shoulder. This is caused by poorly tire location, taking into account the four wheel alignment done, even if the vehicle is less than 8,000 km, or spent hundreds of dollars buying tires very easily just eat it up. Do not simply change tire and vehicle’s own situation does not change, or will it cause a problem for a new tire, it’s like foot problems where the feet but as meaningless to change shoes. If excessive jitter tires, the wheels may be unbalanced, which not only can shorten tire life, but also the maneuverability of the vehicle, may be dangerous.
Tire wear to wear signs, you should stop using. The remaining 1.6 mm tread groove wear signs. Wear this flag, it must be replaced. Use directional signs for consumption of more than mold tire is dangerous, especially when driving in the wetlands. Because the pattern is grind, drainage performance of the tyres substantially reduced, tire and forming the surface water status, hindering tire contact with the ground, grip greatly reduce security breaches.

TR414 Car Valve

Spare tire should be avoided in near the Sun, oils, acids, hydrocarbons, which erode the tire. All tires should be stored in a cool, dry and dark room, to avoid moisture accumulation within the tire risk. Due to the pressure, liquid can enter the tires by tire inner liner layer, it will corrupt the tire suddenly. When purchasing tires, tire store environment, you can also visit a tire shop.
Tires are consumables, so always wear during use. Find the root cause of the tire failures is one of the important steps in tire maintenance operations, the following examples to introduce some common injuries, some causes for loss of more than one. If you want to understand in more detail the various tire damage, see the “Guide to Michelin tire wear and failure”.
Tire damage: 5 kinds of common
Tires are tires of whole parts between the two shoulder, including tread, cushioning layer (or belt) and the carcass plies. It is the main part of the tire and the ground. Failing to timely repair after the tire was punctured, may cause tire damage. Fetal injury the following 5 species:
1, many tread divided-the tread was not designed for such a harsh environment.
2, fetal Crown crack are typically associated with impact damage.
3, fetal Crown shedding or separating one by one is overloaded, inadequate gas, tire and use do not match the conditions.
4-bear-tire, tire shoulder wear lots of lateral force; moves back and forth in a small space.
5 skid – due to the strong braking, braking or braking system component failure causing rim locks.
Sidewall damage
Part of the tire side from shoulder to bead, usually refers to the rubber cover on the tire side wall. It is subjected to bending torsion deformation primarily role protecting the carcass cords from damage and should therefore have good resistance to flexion, thorn-resistant flexible zhahenai aging properties. Here are 7 common injury, wear:
1, side fragmentation or puncture-a side penetration by foreign objects.
2, air leakage: puncture, damage or other damage of inner liner installation.
3, hit the hard shoulder: frequently hit the hard shoulder or other fixed object.
4, dual-tire friction with each other: inflatable wheel offset deficiencies, overload, do not.
5, embedded foreign body between twin: foreign bodies jammed between two tires (two tire may be damaged).
6, side impact/compression: when tire is squeezed in between the rims and a stationary object.
7, side crack one by one after the tires low on air or gas leakage, overloading or sidewall cracking of multiple severe impact.
Bead damage
Means a tire mounted on a rim section, is made up of core bead and bead Bao Bu. It can withstand the internal pressure and tensile strength, while also overcoming the lateral forces on the tire in turn, prolapse of keep your tires from rims. It must therefore have a high strength, the structure should be close strong, prone to deformation. There are 4 kinds of common injuries and wear.
1, the installation of injury: error using the installed equipment.
2, bead areas of excessive wear: overload; insufficient air.
3, bead degradation due to foreign body: hands of debris between the tires and rims, RIM bead surface rust and corrosion.
4, bead degradation caused by overheating: excessive braking, continuous brake, the braking system on the downhill BDSM improperly or failure.
Internal injuries
After the tires punctured, in a State of low tire pressure tire pressure or zero.
Inner tube and flap injury
Tubes used to keep the tire pressure, doughnut-shaped elastic tube with a Tyre valve; pad is used to protect the inner tube surface from rim wear ring tape. Damage to the common, with 3 of the following:
1, foreign object damage: falling into foreign bodies between the inner tubes and tires.
2, the tire valve is damaged: over-tighten the lag because of improper installation, the valve and the friction between the brake drum causes injury.
3, the tubes are pads with damage: pad installation causes the tube to be cut.
Other injuries:
Repair errors: the original injury had not been removed, enough reserve for repairs or during installation skill levels.

TR414 Car Valve

Uneven tire wear
Uneven tire wear can be caused by a variety of factors. These factors may be associated with conditions such as road distances, load and speed. These factors must be considered when selecting tires met. In addition, the condition of the vehicle may also have an important impact on tire wear. Improper structure, as well as the axis of steering and suspension parts for wear to seriously affect tire wear.
Facing a variety of road conditions, condition, different tire wear, learn tire damage, not only can repair tires correctly, you can fail before the car available for maintenance, in order to avoid more losses. Reality more often while our truck driver said that the top count, more wear, welcome additional discussion here.