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Gas pressure Note

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Gas pressure Note:
1, the recommended tire inflation pressure means the cold inflation pressure.
2, when continuous operation of vehicles would tire heat, tire pressure would rise as the heat inside the tire.
Different types of tires, pneumatic CHANGHONG high number also varies. This is normal behavior. Does not cause harm to the tire.
Tires should not be given gas to reduce pressure caused by the continuous operation of vehicles increases.
3, if the tires in the operation, due to heat build-up causes air pressure than the recommended air pressure increases 25% or more, should stop the job at this time, again check the cold inflation pressure.

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Cold inflation pressure is correct, should be taken to reduce travel speed or reduce heat load method to reduce tire. This will cause the tires to overheat and delamination damage.
4, should use the barometer to check air pressure, and to calibrate the barometer regularly.
5, valve cap cover on this effect to prevent sediment from entering valves and gas tightness.

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