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Function of the valve is to tire gas-filled and sealed after maintaining tire inflation. Common valve from valve body, valve core and valve cap consists of three main parts.

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1. inflatable should pay attention to safety. To review the pressure in the pressure at any time, so that due to low air, blow-out.
2. before the end, valves required tire set warm air, due to lower vehicles good driving tires Wen Hang, after pressure effects.
3. examine valves. Valve cores if cooperation is not oblique tones in harmony zero, convex convex into the implicit as well as other shortcomings are not inflatable, and mass air pressure.
4. charging should pay attention to clean. Cannot open fire and air-filled oil, balancing blocks
5. the air do not exceed specifications air pressure too much, and then when you put gas, nor fruit, liexiyi, temporarily absent cannot be inflated too much air, above-scale power flexor relaxation rarely rushed the cord far, cause the weak forces decreased, affecting tire life.

TR455 Car Valve

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