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Tire inflation system has three main uses

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Testing: testing whether a particular tyre pressure drop. This means that the system must be continuous or intermittent monitoring of the air pressure of each tire.
Notification: notify the driver related problems occur.
Inflatable: through the air, tyre pressure back to normal. This means that you must have a source and a only check valve that only opens when needed.
Although the tire inflation system available in the market there are different in design, but they also have some common elements.

TR414 Car Valve

Is using some type of valve to isolate individual tires so that when checking or inflatable, other tire leak.
Are used the methods to detect tire pressure. In most cases, they use the Central sensors to pass information to the electronic control unit, and notify the driver.
Have a gas source, usually available on the system, such as brakes or pneumatic system. However, when existing systems are used, they must ensure that would not affect the original features of the system. To this end, appropriate security measures will be. First to ensure that there is enough pressure for the primary purpose of the gas source before it can be used for tire inflation.
Must be able to put the air supply air in a tire (usually through the axle tube). Some systems use sealed wheel axle tube and hose connection hub and tire valves, other systems were directly across the axle tube by inner tube and the shaft tube as a ventilation duct.
Must have a vent, used to discharge air from the tire, without damage to the wheel or rear axle seals.

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