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Tire routine maintenance is a prerequisite for drive safely

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It was that car tires would be the people to wear shoes, soles appear burst does not cause one dies, blow-out is cause car crash when message is heard. Data show that, in a traffic accident on Highway, accounted for more than 70% of accidents caused by a puncture. From this point of view, the tire on the vehicle far exceeds the importance of shoes on the importance of people.
User before traveling often to check the engine, brakes, steering, lighting and maintenance, but neglected to tire inspection, maintenance, do to traffic safety down a certain amount of risk. This article summarizes the top ten taboos of used tires, hoping to provide some help for your car.
1, avoid excessive tire pressure. The car plant has special provisions for tire pressure, follow the label, must not exceed the maximum value. Pressure is too high on the center of the weight concentrated in the tread, tread Centre led to rapid wear. When subjected to external shocks, injury-prone even blasting tread; tension is too great, resulting in tread groove tread delamination and cracks at the end of; tire grip reduced braking performance vehicles jumping, reduce ride comfort, vehicle suspension systems are easily damaged.
2, avoid low tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will cause the tires to overheat. Low voltage makes tire of grounded area does not uniform, fetal surface or cord layer de layer, and fetal surface Groove and the fetal shoulder cracked, curtain line fracture, fetal shoulder parts quickly wear, shortened tire of using life; increases fetal lip and rims Zhijian of exception friction, caused fetal lip injury, or tire and rims from, even explosion fetal; while will increased scroll resistance, and increased fuel consumption, and effect vehicles of manipulation, serious Shi even raised traffic accident.
3, bogey by Visual inspection to determine tire pressure. Tire comes to 0.7 kg/square centimeter per month on average air pressure and tire pressure varies with temperature, temperature rise/fall 10 degrees Celsius, rise/fall 0.07~0.14 the pressure kg/square centimeter; air pressure must be measured in the tire cooled, and measuring valve cap must be covered. Develop a habit of often use barometer to measure air pressure, do not judge with the naked eye. Sometimes ran away a lot of air pressure, tire looked flat but not too. Should be checked at least once a month the air pressure (including spare tire).

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4, bogey as a normal tire spare tire use. Vehicles used in the course, if run from 100,000 to 80,000 kilometers later, users will tire spare tire as well, as spare tires used tires, this is absolutely not desirable. Because the use of time, tire aging is not the same, and there is very unsafe. Tires were bad on the road, owners usually replace them with spare tire, some owners do not remember to change spare tire, forget spare tires only “prepared in case tire”.
5, avoiding inconsistent about tire pressure. When the side when the tire pressure is too low, driving, braking procedures vehicle in the side deviation. Also note that two tires on the same axle should be a pattern exactly the same specifications, different manufacturers, different patterns of tire is not used for two wheels, otherwise deviation can also occur.
6, avoid tire overload. Tire structure, strength, and pressure and speed are calculated after manufacturer strictly determined, does not comply with the standards and overloading tires will affect its service life. Based on the experimental proof of the relevant departments: overload 10% tire life reduced 20%; overload 30% tire rolling resistance will increase by 45% per cent while, at the same time fuel consumption will also increase. While overloaded itself is strictly prohibited by the law.
7 bogey is not cleared in time the tire debris. Car in driving process in the, driving pavement vary widely, fetal grain in the inevitable to will clip chop suey stone, and nails, and iron, and glass debris, foreign body, as does not timely clear, time long has, which has part will own off, but has quite part will increasingly “stubborn”, card in pattern in the more depression more deep, dang tire wear to must degree Hou, these foreign body even will thorn breaking fetal body, led to tire leak even explosion fetal.

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