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Valve core industry situation is gratifying

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2010 bid farewell to the valve core industry in China after the first negative annual report 2009 year, again entering the fast-growing channel. Valve core production, sales revenue, export earnings have increased market demand, industry will invest, large-scale technical transformation scenes of prosperity.

Global 80% in China
According to statistics, 2010 main valve core enterprises total sales revenue reached 2.03 billion yuan, an increase of 14.5%; valve output was 1.65 billion, an increase of 16.8%; core output of 2.22 billion, an increase of 3.6%. Estimated 2010 valve cores total sales revenue reached 3.9 billion yuan in China, valve output reached 3 billion, core production reached 3.2 billion. Valve core output in China has reached 80% per cent of global production, gradual transfer to China by the valve core of the world.
Last year, the valve core enterprises machine keeps running, worker overtime production, enterprise technology and capacity expansion projects. Hangzhou million pass company new launched has a article fetal pressure monitoring system (TPMS) valve mouth line; Jiangyin Bo, company new increased has a valve core automatically Assembly equipment; Jiangyin innovation company and Shanghai insurance lung company increased technology and equipment inputs, continued expanded production scale; gongzhuling in the large company will valve core capacity improve 20% around, products still supply; gaomi with create car accessories limited take Enterprise overall relocation, more significantly expanded capacity; Shanghai insurance lung car technology company limited new Shang fine benefits line, This is my first valve core industry of lean production lines. Preliminary, and in 2010 more than industry-wide capacity 20%, larger increases.

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Export promotion impact
According to statistics, 2010 main valve core enterprises export 1.0199 billion yuan, an increase of 29.6%. Plus six Hui and Hui two Taiwan-funded enterprises in Xiamen, 2010 China valve core exports more than 2.2 billion yuan. Among them, the backbone export Enterprise Pallan, innovation, Jiangyin, Hangzhou, Shanghai wantong, Jiangyin Premier autoparts, Ningbo ouyadaocheng, anchi industries and the Ningbo siming auto parts in Foshan. Hangzhou wantong enterprises export sales income of 80% above is a genuine export-oriented enterprises. Pallan, Hangzhou, Shanghai wantong achieve batch to supply world auto giants such as Ford makes it, entering the world auto parts procurement system, raise the level of valve core industry internationalization in China and formed a strong brand on a global scale.
Economic benefits after former high low
Integrated valve core business information, statistics of 2010 industry essentially flat with a year earlier. Profit in the first half, but the second half as the price of copper, rubber and other raw materials rose sharply, Enterprise benefit began falling sharply. Copper prices rose to 60,000 from 40,000 yuan per ton in early Yuan/ton, increases nearly 50%, rubber prices rise nearly 100%. Valve core businesses despite three rounds of price increases, totaled about 20%, but hardly enough to offset the effects of rising raw materials costs. Small business losses, some companies consciously reduced yields. Facing higher raw material prices, valve core enterprise through energy saving, equipment, capacity expansion measures, such as price increases digestive cost pressures, maintaining healthy and stable development of the industry. Valve cores in current demand, prices on an higher trend, 2011 valve core industry is expected to be a bumper year.

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