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Automotive tire industry against a valve defect

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Millions of tires of the originating in China valve may crack and cause a flat tire, this potential danger has caused enormous repercussions in the tyre industry.
Experts believe that now the biggest problem is there is no way to confirm those tire valves equipped with questionable. Unless you remove the tire and internal testing, you cannot determine whether the valve is defective.
June 2 in Johnstown, Ohio, tire valves importer Taylor International Corporation (TechInternationalInc., hereinafter referred to as company Taylor) voluntary recall of 6 million sets of TR413 bayonet valves product, these valves are a topology thinking company in Shanghai, China from July 2006 to November during the production.
Taylor said valve pad may be split, so that a flat tire, resulting in tire failure. Companies promised to free not only replace the recalled valves and replace the valve gasket cracks caused by damage tires.
Taylor was announced on the official recall by the company three weeks ago May 13 informed the Distributor TR413 valve there is a potential problem. However, this is a recall many unpredictable factors.
Taylor’s company did not have the TR413 valve end user information, there is no way to confirm the identity of the end user. Taylor’s company to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (hereinafter referred to as NHTSA) report said that if Taylor TR413 valve production company confirmed that the batch date unrealistic.
Before the recall, NHTSA has just published on topology thinking companies (Topseal) more than 30 million sets of the TR400 series bayonet valves: a preliminary assessment. This bayonet valves were for dill air control products company in Oxford, North Carolina (DillAir Controls Products L.L.C., hereinafter referred to as the dir company) production.
Dill on April 30 valve met with NHTSA officials to discuss potential problems. Deere told NHTSA,2006 during the five months of the year production of valves may pad due to poor resistance to ozone cracking.
Dir, General Manager of BrianRigney said that is not sent within this time the dir all valve company has problems. He said, the company is an independent organization test which batch problem.
He went on to say that, once the di company confirmed the problems for which batch, dir will share with NHTSA and dealer related information. Rigney said, the company plans to publishing on the Web in the shortest possible time consumer notice on the valve.
Into action
Dir and tire dealer discount tire company in Scottsdale, Arizona, (DiscountTireInc.), have together by the RobertA.Monk family to the Nineth circuit court in Florida on March 18, is listed as co-defendants in lawsuits for product liability.
Monk near Gainesville, Florida, on November 11, 2007, deaths due to vehicle rollover. Litigation charges, from discount tire company bought the car the right rear tire, dir sales TR413 valve is installed, because the valve gasket cracked, causing tire failure, which can lead to an accident.
Prosecution requests for the losses of the dir and discount tire company, fees, interest and other compensation.
Monk, lawyer of the families of RichardNewsome and FrankMelton on June 12, to request the Nineth circuit courts, recalled tire valves and compensation for the customer.

TR455 Car Valve

Discount tire company Vice President in charge of marketing and public relations, Rigney and JeffStine refused to express evaluation on such lawsuits.
Dir company has issued a statement through its legal counsel, the above action, said Reddy, company would be produced or sold by other manufacturers and their brands be liable for any problems arising from the product.
In the valve before installation, there is no way to know whether valve pad will crack. Stine said, we rely on information provided by the manufacturer.
May appear around the surface of the tire valves cracks visible to the naked eye. Determine valve defects within the only way is to remove the tire and detection. Spokesman for the industry and safety advocates said.
In 2006 this time if you have purchased a tire, you really need to check your tire valve, safety research and strategy company located in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, (SafetyResearch&StrategiesInc.) Manager SeanKane said.
SRS and United States rubber industry association (RubberManufacturersAssociation) on valve investigation reached a consensus on, the two organizations agreed that detects if the tires properly inflated on a regular basis is important.

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