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How to repair the inner tube valve? How to replace the valve flange?

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If the inner tube valve screw pinch, thread damage, stand under the gland nut bends or valves when the tube is not sealed, you must replace it.
Inner tube valve repair including thread, the method is as follows:
(1) check the ridge and adjacent parts of the inner tube valve with or without defects, such as technology in good condition, and the valve snaps well, valve should be checked.
(2) if the valve pipe thread damage, repair wire tapping tapping threads available.
(3) the unserviceability of the Tire Valve should be replaced.
TR455 Car Valve
(4) through the vents to remove valve from the inner tube, inner tube when there is no crack on the wall, you can cut open at the mouth of 7~8mm.
(5) in inner tubes, which put the new valves, to embedding flange hole, install bridge-shaped pad and tighten the valve nut spanners. Valve bridge-shaped mats should be installed, that is along the long axis of the ellipse tubes arranged in a circle, instead of the cross; and not to bend the bridge-shaped mat, his head should be 30 degrees. Bridge pads installed towards the outside, bent part of the valve should be sideways towards the inner tube tube.
(6) fill the wound.
(7) in order to remove or in-line valves and cut into the hole to supplement good.
(8) when replacing diesel light vehicles on the inner tube rubber mouth, free knife when cutting the old valve and silicon carbide grinding wheel on the inner tube valve grinding rest. Then place in the mill and the new rubber valve seat (flange) coated with glue and drying.
Get new valves stick ready to place, to make the valve holes precisely consistent with inner tubes and rubber edge you want to embed in the inner tube of the valve seat inside the cave. Roller pressure valves and special curing curing on the valve plate.
When you replace and repair valves, to check the integrity of the flange. Such as flange damage, must be replaced with new parts. Replace the flange of the steps are as follows:
(1) by filing a good waste tube cut a thin, oval, its dimensions for large inner tube 160×90 (mm) for a small tube of the 140×80 (mm), and then a long rough, and along the external edge is cut into the slope. For in-use gasoline to clean after the surface had been filed, brushing glue twice, and then be dried after each brushing.
(2) from the coated fabric layer in sample cut from two elliptic slice, its dimensions for large inner tube 140×70 (mm) and 120×50 (mm) for small tubes for 120×100 (mm) and 100×40 (mm) and then brush the glue on both sides, and drying.
(3) on the rubber sheet placed on small, then put glue layer thin slices of fabric and placing symmetrical. Shall have the same distance between the sides and edges, and roller compaction.
(4) the glue layer thin slices of fabric edge inner tube covered with glue and thin Central hollow punch punching diameter 5mm small round holes.
(5) in the inner tube towards electing a no wound on the inside of the rim, with a metal brush or silicon carbide grinding wheels sanding. Size of the grinding parts, size 5mm size flange on each side;
(6) remove the tire ash, wipe the surface of the ground with gasoline, then brush two glues, and drying after each brushing.
(7) in the tube brush on glue and dry parts, paste prepared flanges and flange hole coincides with the hole on the tube, and then compacting it with the roller tube plate curing on.
(8) after curing wall of the inner tube in a flange Centre holes with an awl, and embedding from the inner tube valve; placed on the bridge-shaped pad, tighten the nut. Bridge pads should follow the tube installed.
Repairing the old flange sections.

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