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Inner tube valve replacement

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Flat inner tube valve wire crimping, clamping nut down threads damaged, bent pipe or valve damage effect gas seal stand, it must be replaced.
Inner tube valve repair method is as follows:
(1) check the flange and the adjacent part of the inner tube valve with or without defects. As in good technical condition, and the valve snaps well, valve should be checked.
(2) if the Tire Valve tube can be repaired, only thread damage, wire tapping and Board repair wire buckle available.

TR455 Car Valve

(3) are not available using the valve should be replaced.
(4) through the vents to remove valve from the inner tube. Inner tube when there is no crack on the wall, you can cut 7-8mm exports.
(5) in inner tubes, which put a new valve, is embedding flange hole, install bridge-shaped pad, with spanners tighten valve nut.
(6) fill the wound.
(7) in order to remove or in-line valves and cut into the hole to supplement good.
(8) when replacing the light car inner tube rubber mouth, knife and cut the old valves that are available, and silicon carbide grinding wheel on the inner tube valve grinding rest. And then in the file and the new rubber valve seat (flange) coated with glue and dry.
Ready to place new valve put in, to make the valve holes precisely consistent with inner tubes and valve inner tube rubber edge to be embedded in the hole. Using roller rolling block valves and special curing curing on the valve plate.

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