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Valve cap is lost in time after complete valve cap is small, but it can prevent dust, small gravel into the Tire Valve, and the accumulation of dust and grit is likely to top air needle, causing a flat tire, so, check the tires to the attention of owners in the tire on the valve cap is missing, if you lose it to complete as soon as possible.

Parked vehicles to avoid valve damage parked vehicles to avoid tire is too close to the object, if the valve encounters hard objects, the valve is easy to be the root of rim and connections of the rubber tyre split, led.

TR1 Bicycle Tire Valve

In addition, in the selection of valve also try to choose the shorter, currently on the market, although not to the valve cap is screwed down to check the tire pressure of the valve, the valve cap is too long, parked vehicles, easily meet roadside fixtures, so the car mainly chosen cautiously choose long valve cap.

Tire Valve occurs, a compression nut thread pinched the thread damage, transposon bending or valve tube damage effects of gas seal, must be replaced. Tags: vacuum tube valve TR414C bus with air valve

Inner tube valve occurs, a compression nut thread pinched the thread damage, transposon bending or valve tube damage effects of gas seal, must be replaced.

Inner tube valve repair methods are as follows:

(1) check flange and inner tube valve adjacent sections have no defects. Such as technical condition is good, and the valve fixed good, should check valve.

(2) if the valve pipe can be repaired, only thread damage, can be a screw tap and a screw thread plate repair.

(3) do not use the valve should be replaced.

(4) from the inner tube through the gap valve inside out. The inner tube wall without gap, can cut7-8mm export.

(5) in the inner tube inside the new valve, its embedded flange hole, mounted on the bridge shaped pad, and a spanner nut tightening valve.

(6) fill the wound.

(7) in order to remove or insert valve and cut into the paste in good.

(8) when the replacement of light automobile tyre rubber mouth, available to the old knife valve, and silicon carbide grinding wheel in grinding valve tube remaining part. Then the file local and new rubber valve seat ( flange ) coated with glue, and for doing.

TR15 light truck Tire Valve

The new valve is affixed to the ready to place, to make the valve hole accurately and tube hole corresponds with the valve nozzle seat, and the rubber edge to be embedded inside the inner tube. Roll for rolling valve seat, and in the specialized curing valve with plate vulcanization.

Nitrogen permeability tire wall velocity more slowly than air about 30%-40%, tire nitrogen permeability loss is less, the tire pressure can be kept stable for a long time, so that the car can maintain good running condition. They were filled with goods wagons were experimental, filling a nitrogen, the truck can run60000 kilometers.

The many car tire tubeless, if the tire filling air, so the air contained in the moisture will cause the wheel electroplating layer of oxide, and causes the Tire Valve seal is not tight, make the tyre within the gas leak, causing the tire pressure is insufficient. The tires can cause gasoline consumption increase.

 TPMS Sensor Valve car valve

According to the United States Department of transportation statistics, the country has 80% about vehicle tires, the resulting increase in oil consumption of 9000000 liters per day. According to the latest statistics, the use of dry nitrogen filling tyre, can reduce fuel2%-10%, and the problems to be solved in chronic deflated tire.

The nitrogen can delay the aging of rubber tyre.

 automobile tire air pressure in the tire of a fear of instability, two afraid of tire rubber aging.

The rubber aging is affected by oxygen molecules in air caused by oxidation. Rubber aging will produce cracking phenomenon, causes the rubber lost due to physical properties, and high purity nitrogen filling the rear tire will be oxidized, thereby prolonging the service life of tire. At the same time because of filling the dry nitrogen gas, but also to protect the rim inner being oxidized.

The Americans had made about the tyre filled with air and nitrogen gas experiment. The experimental results show that the tire statistics, filling nitrogen than filling empty gas running more than26% miles. And nitrogen filled tyre and air inflated tire at the same speed running, the former than latter will run the distance of 1/5, and a nitrogen tire wear is less obvious than that of air inflated tire.

The valve cap is also very important, its main role is to isolate the air, also helps to block dust and debris. Should regularly check the gas nozzle and the nozzle cap is in good condition to ensure that: keep the tire air sealing and prolonging the service life of the tire to maintain the correct tire pressure tire auto valve parts of terms and their definitions of Tire Valve has a core cavity or installation core set of parts components, it directly or through the nozzle seat and the tube or rim connection. The core sleeve has a valve core chamber structure, installed in the absence of core cavity structure on the valve body valve parts nozzle seat valve spud connection nozzle body and mounted on the inner tube or the rim valve parts valve function is for tyre inflation, and maintenance of tyre inflating climate seal.

Every time when changing the tire, will be replaced at the same time auto valve. To do so the cost is very low, but it is to protect the tyres, car and your driving safety is important one annulus. When to buy new tires, please be replaced at the same time. Tire air nozzle and parts that are made of rubber, so it will be with the passage of time and aging. At high speeds, aging, cracking rubber gas nozzle may be because of the centrifugal force and bending, causing leakage. Valve leakage of different tire, very slowly and is not easy to find. Easy to cause the tyre in the low pressure of the traveling case. Bring hidden trouble to driving safety.

TR13 tube Valve

Common valve consists of valve body, valve core and the valve cap of three main components.

Tire applications very wide, wide variety, according to the purposes can be broadly divided into: car tires, car tires, truck tires, agricultural tires, engineering tire, special vehicle tire, tire, motorcycle tyres and bicycle tires. One of the most important is the automobile Car Tire Valve. At present, the tire according to the structure can be divided into two categories: bias tire and radial tire, they all belong to the low pressure tire. In general, the tire tyre section width over 17in is a giant tire; tire section width in 17in between 10In and belongs to the large tire; tire section width below 10In tires is a small and medium-sized tires, car tires are generally small and medium-sized tire. In addition, each big tire manufacturers have designed for different types of cars and racing developed for these vehicles for tires, as we all know that F1 racing tires are designed for F1 car development. The following for bias tire and radial tire, tyre with inner tube and tubeless tyre.

In 1, meridian tire: this tire is characterized ply cord arrangement direction and tyre meridian section, as the cord arranged such that the emperor, line strength can be fully utilized, tire cord plies in general than the ordinary diagonal tire can be reduced about40- 50%. Cord in the circumferential direction to contact the rubber alone. Radial tire with common slash births compared, high elasticity, good wear resistance, the service life of the tire can be increased by 30 -50%, small rolling resistance, can reduce the fuel consumption of about 8%, good adhesion performance, good buffering performance, large bearing capacity, the advantages of easy puncture. Disadvantages are: sidewall is easy to split, because the side deformation of large, causing the car to poor lateral stability, technical requirement and high cost of manufacture.

2, tubeless tire: tubeless tires with general tire differs in that there are no inner tube, forcing air directly into the tire, the tire and rim between the need has good seal.

Tubeless tires in appearance and structure with tubeless tires approximation, which is different in tubeless tire wall attached to a thick layer of about 2- 3mm and specially used to seal the sealing rubber layer, which is vulcanized by method of adhesion to, when the tire after perforation, due to its itself is in a state of compression and wrap around needle, so it can be long-term no leakage, even if the puncture objects pull out, also can temporarily maintains the pressure inside the tire.

 Chrome Sleeve for car valve

Tubeless tire bead with a plurality of concentric annular groove, the air pressure in the tire under, groove can reliably make bead tightly on the edge of the rim to ensure sealing. Mounting tubeless tire rim is not flat, it has an inclined bottom and AV paint.Car Tire Valve mouth fixed on the rim, which pad for sealing rubber pad.

Tubeless tyre has good air tightness, good heat radiation, and has the advantages of simple structure, light weight etc.. Disadvantages are en route to repair more difficult. Wide cross section tire: along with the improvement of vehicle speed, reduce vehicle center of gravity, to improve the handling performance, which requires to improve the tire lateral stability and surface adhesion properties, to ensure high speed under the condition of traffic safety, so the low section tyre has become an inevitable trend. Sectional height and section width ratio is representative of tire structure characteristic is an important parameter, called the tire of high aspect ratio, also known as the flattening ratio. From on 20 time begin the century, car tire outside diameter is reduced by 25%, rim diameter is reduced by 35%, tire and rim width nearly doubling, tire of high aspect ratio decreases, car0.5, car0.4, especially wide tires and advanced cars matching, is more elegant.

Car Tire Valve maintenance and replacement

 For as the consumables tire, the answer is:” a must!”

 For tire wear is normal, if used improperly or tire positioning caused by wear, is a normal phenomenon, such as you are to a certain speed, vehicle vibration, this time may well be the balance wheel is a problem, to quickly repair, avoid the occurrence of abnormal wear. (1 points, do not know 0points)

 Tyre wear on both sides of too large may be insufficient or long-term inflatable vehicle overload running causes the tire contact area with the ground caused by too much. Of course, the size of the tire is not appropriate or inflatable volume, will also accelerate the tyre wear.

TR414C  car Tire Valve

 Usually running3to 4 or6 to80000 kilometers above, it should be replaced. Due to the new and old tyre tire tread wear degree differs very big, suggested a change two flat front or rear tire, tire grip to ensure balance.

 Advance purchase spare tire, when on the road encounter unexpected situations can be prepared against want.

 When in need of replacement tires, the original tire is the first choice, followed by the need to consider is the tire tread, mentioned earlier, besides the appearance effect to vehicle road. If the control is not very satisfied, for many models, improved the vehicle’s appearance and handling performance of one of the most effective methods is to replace the low flat than the tire.

 DIY is now more and more people, attention is required, with different specifications, structure, the degree of abrasion of the tyre can not be mixed use, otherwise it will affect the vehicle handling and stability.

 In order to maximize the performance of the best vehicle design, four wheels with the same kind of tire, at least a coaxial using the same specifications and structure of tyre.

 Don’t put different types of tires mixed use, such as putting more suitable for off-road vehicle tyres, car tyres and generally put together, or the directional sports car tyres and tyre wheel mixed use, remember: replacement of the tire tread to the original parameter matching. For example, all-season tires to replace all-season tires, snow tires to replace the snow tires, H speed tire don’t change into other velocity stage.

“ Car Tire Valve ” main body is a hollow upper, lower solid cylinder, at the lower end of the side to open a small hole communicated with the hollow part. Following a period of elastic thin margin hose constitute specialized core overall. Actually it is a one-way valve, when you pumped up the bicycle, the compressed air in the cylinder by the hollow portion into the auto valve, the elastic rubber tube” top”, air into the tire; when the air inflating time, an elastic rubber tube is tightened, covering the side holes, so that air can not from tyre in return. Auto valve are mainly divided into: British valve needle, an American automobile valve auto valve, French, and German and Italian auto valve needle valve.

And driving on the way, if the auto valve leakage, according to the following methods do emergency treatment:

1, such as a Tire Valve on the gas nozzle cap is made of metal, can be made, the right rubber washer. The manufacture method is: use a suitable diameter thin pipe, such as a steel cap, bullet shell in the rubber on the system, such a pad is better; if no thin pipe, can also be used scissors to cut out the rubber pad. Rubber gaskets are made, the plug in the gas nozzle cap, then tighten the valve cap, airtight book test can be used.

MS525 Car Tire Valve

2, find a diameter slightly bigger than the diameter of the hose valve copper rod, a head with thin metal Sizha tight, another end in the copper rod, also with thin metal Sizha tight. Fasten upon the inflatable, water does not leak can be used to test.

China’s rapid economic development for thirty years, the quality of life of the people have been greatly improved, most can manifest the point is that more and more vehicles.

Vehicle is a car maintenance, people also pays close attention to more and more, the people know how to repair the tire? Maybe a lot of people will say” tires need what maintenance, is to add the next gas OK!” When the wrong point of view, maintenance of tire, filling the knowledge inside there is still a lot of.

Automobile tires, we all know it is our driving safety, but how to” take care of” it?

TR455 Car Valve

We are to tire inflation when, should always pay attention to the barometer, I believe we all know, too much can cause air tire explosion, but the air is too little will also affect our driving experience. The most important point, we should first before the inflatable tire heat, otherwise it will affect the pressure, this is everybody filling ignore most. For Car Tire Valve, we also look at it and the valve core work is formed, is it right? Look at their level of defects, which will affect the tire in driving safety, nature would affect the safety of running vehicles. If the tire leaks air, the valve should be the dust away, don’t be a valve core release, but with the foam water onto the valve mouth, to see whether the leak.

The tire is a variety of a vehicle or machine is assembled on the ground rolling side of the annular elastic rubber products are usually installed metal rim, to collect the body, outside of the buffer against, realize from road contact and ensure the running performance of the vehicle. Recently, Michelin tires on tire knowledge class, let everyone right consciousness tire.

 Various Tire Valve characteristics of tire knowledge class teaches you comprehend the basic knowledge of tire, ask: correct understanding of tyre without any good?

 Correct understanding of tire, can being divergent conditions determine tire conditions, real-time replacement and adjustment, ensure the normal running of Enron and convenience.

TR1 Bicycle Tire Valve

                                        Tire Valve

 Tire category

 Are commonly used as flat tire, tire category is divided into two categories, the first category for bias tire, also known as the common tire. The carcass ply and a buffer layer, adjacent layers of Cord Cross, and takes the tread core line is less than 90℃the angular alignment of the pneumatic tire. That kind of tire vertical rigidity, is suitable for being ordinary roads and speed.

 Second kinds of commonly used tires for female meridian tire, the meridian tire commonly known as the” steel wire tyre”. The meridian tire characteristics as the cord is not mutual cross arrangement, but take the tire section connecting line, to the earth’s female meridian so arranged, cord angle is small, the surrogate China Normal is 0 °, carcass connections between without maintaining intersection, when the tire in driving course, crown around when the force delete great, would constitute a week Xiangshen Chi, carcass into a radially split. Because of this meridian tire buffer layer adopts are circumferentially arranged to deal with cord layer, and a carcass cord angle90 °intersect, normal70 °to 78 °, constitute a simply cannot reach Chi rigid annular zone. The spare tyre fixing, restrict the tire circumferential deformation, the buffer layer by Zero tires60% to within 70% when force. Be a meridian tire main stress components. It is called the meridian tire belt. Skewed fetal main stress components in the buffer layer, the80% to90% period when the force by the carcass ply burden. Thus, the meridian tire belt design is very important, must have good rigidity, layers can be large angle, high strength and not difficult to stretching the fiber materials, such as steel or glass fiber.

 Tire by what parts forming

 1: tire, tire tread, the sidewall, a buffer layer, ply and bead formation. The car is running for suffered all kinds of work force.

 In 2, the sidewall: sidewall tire lateral ply outer layer, for protecting carcass.

 3, ply carcass ply is: by parallel hanging plastic curtain female lines to form a layer of cloth, tire force skeleton layer, to assure tires have the necessary strength and dimensional stability. Buffer layer for bias tire surface and between the carcass ply cloth curtain layer or layer surrogate blog, used to buffer the external force, protecting carcass, promotional table to ply between the adhesive.

 4, bead: bead is installed on the rim of the tire is part, consists of a bead core and a bead pack cloth form, its fixed tire use. Tire specifications to tire outside diameter D, bead diameter rims or labyrinth D, section width B and flat than the size to represent, are in inches.

 5, automobile tires automobile tires: Rubber and fiber material and the normal metal materials composite products, manufacturing process is a machine for processing and inverse when integrated course. Rubber and the common agent mixing after extruded tread ply made; by rolling, cutting, laminating ply drum made of steel wire or cord rolls; joint venture, packets of plastic forming for the bead; then the semi-finished products are shaping machine are combined into a tire vulcanizing machine, are metal model, through vulcanization made of tire products.

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In short, the Tire Valve and a tire angle seat valve rod cap play a very important role, helps to keep the tire pressure. They are perplexing links to your tire maintenance of one of the four components.

There are four main important fields, your tire maintenance: tire pressure, vehicle alignment, rotation of the tire and tread. This paper focuses on the tire pressure and has good tire valve and a tire angle seat valve stem the importance. Tire pressure tire pressure loss as to why and how? Tire basically is the loss of the pressure loss through the air. It is mainly through the rubber body, and each part of the natural leakage through the tire air permeability. Other factors affecting tire pressure, temperature, the temperature will lead to decline in” lost” pressure. As a rule of thumb, tire losses of 1pounds per degree Celsius temperature decreased 5 degrees. How do you know your car tire correct tire pressure? * information is usually provided by the automobile maker. You can usually find information, specification, glove box, or in the post. How to judge whether the tire pressure is at the correct level? * how do you know if your tire pressure to correct level is the best approach is to use a tire pressure gauge. Digital tire pressure gauge in the market can be very convenient, and tell the accurate tire pressure. Do not rely on visual inspection, in order to understand the tire pressure, because it is often not accurate. How long do you should check your tire pressure? * the recommended screening interval is one month or more.

 Tyre valve Tire Valve allows air pump into the tire and a one-way valve angle blocks hold the air in the tire. Tyre valve basically is a tire manufacturer to provide general rubber material components. It can not decrease with time, thereby reducing their effectiveness, while keeping the tire pressure maintaining air. When the vehicle is in a high-speed, continuous deterioration of a tire valve can actually curved centrifugal force, angle seat valve corrugated pipe valve and a diaphragm between the competition has lasted for a long time so as to cause the air loss. For security reasons, suggestions, they bought a new tire is replaced. Angle seat valve rod cap tire tire valve cap is also an important part of. High quality and design proper tire angle seat valve cap is normally sealed with a rubber, this will help keep the air pressure in the tire.

Zn Alloy Key Type Tire Valve Cap

                                                 Tire Valve

 They can be very important, especially in the tire valve failure as leakage backup system and tire angle seat valve cap can double-click the event.

 The valve cap is the main function, it can keep the dirt and dust of pollutants from road, which may affect the normal operation of a tire valve and the air loss results. Airtight tire angle seat valve rod cap also keep the moisture content and moisture in the air, which, in the cold season, can be frozen and consolidation, which poses a problem of tyre valve, causing the air loss.

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