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A time when the summer heat, car tires under high temperature, become very restless, tire blowout accidents have occurred. The data show that more than 40 percent of traffic accidents and tire related. Tires, the car’s handling, comfort, acceleration has a considerable impact on the important parts that pertain to life safety. Therefore, the height of summer, tire maintenance is particularly important. Recently, many owners have to call “car 114″, asking how to prevent puncture, in the summer tire conservation. Today, we invited the Gar Hyundai Motor conservation experts, Mr. Lu Jingen Weapon for the majority of owners of summer safe driving.

    Q: What factors lead to easy flat tire?

    Expert Q & A: Generally speaking, flat tire due to tire wear is severe, causing carcass too thin, continue to heat the tire internal At this point, it is easy to object punctured, coupled with the weather overheating, which occurred in a puncture. In addition, the tire burst is also related to several factors.

    1, tire pressure. If the tire pressure is easy to make the tire sidewall bending and breaking burst. If the road inflated, due to Tire Valve wear and dust caused by a flat tire, the tire internal tire pressure is too low, can easily lead to a puncture.

    2, the tire pressure is too high. Allows the tire defects (such as the site of injury) burst, so the situation is more common in the hot summer weather or prolonged driving. Summer road surface temperature is often above 70 ℃, affected by temperature, the gas inside the tire will be self-inflating tire pressure rose from 2.3 kg to 3 kg for a long time in hot summer driving a car, damage or existence of a weakness in the tire It is easy to tire pressure is too high causing a puncture. In order to ensure the tire pressure, it is recommended nitrogen in the summer, filling pressure should be reduced by 10%. Long high-speed driving, after driving some distance, in the shade to cool the tires. Midday hot while driving, should be appropriately reduced speed.

    3, overloaded vehicles. Overloading of the vehicle tire the harm is self-evident, especially on the highway overloading of large trucks, and more prone to puncture the accident.

    4, high-speed passing of sharp objects. Vehicles at high speeds, the friction of the tire and road on a sharp stone or other sharp objects cause leaks, and then a tire failure is more common.

    Q: daily driving should pay attention to what matters to prevent puncture?

    Expert Q & A: flat tire is a complex phenomenon of tire destruction, there is a certain chance, but to strengthen the day-to-day maintenance can still be effective in preventing puncture.

    A timely replacement of tires. Summer temperatures will accelerate the wear and tear of aging of tire rubber, wire layer strength decline, general tire tread trench raised mark, is to remind owners to change the tire in a timely manner.

    2, positioning, balancing certain essential. Replacement or installation of tires, wheels to the car, the orientation angle and quality of distribution and will change, the most direct impact is that the tire uneven force are serious, individual tire tread wear, the summer driving or high-speed driving for a long time easily lead to puncture. Owners must regularly to the car wheel alignment and balance.

    Three, four transposition, extend tire life. Car front wheel hit the steering wheel’s sake, wear speed faster than the rear wheel in order to extend tire life, rotate the tires on a regular basis in order to balance the wear of the front and rear. General diagonal swap ways to make the tires wear evenly.

TR1 Bicycle Tire Valve

    And maintain a normal tire pressure. Summer tire pressure is easy to exceed the maximum value of continuous driving under high temperature or non-normal leakage will cause the tire pressure variation and puncture, so they give the car tires filled with nitrogen gas is the right choice. Nitrogen is an inert gas, is not easy to change as the temperature changes. In addition, sufficient nitrogen can also prevent tire natural oxidation and cracking.

    Often remove stones or foreign objects in the tread grooves, so as not to tire tread deformation. Check the tire sidewall whether cut, stabbed, and whether the exposed cord. If so, should be replaced. In addition, frequent driving on the highway must be on the tires regularly carry out transposition. Deserves special attention, daily tire inspections should also include the spare tire.

First Look at like this picture, English mouth traced back to 1888 Ireland Belfast Dunlop (Dunlop) invented the pneumatic tire, before this solid tires, solid tires I have ever used, the feeling is to ride to go veryconfidence, not afraid of bar tires, but also not afraid of the leak, is riding a heavy road is not good when Britain. The invention of the pneumatic tire is undoubtedly important invention of the bicycle industry are revolutionary, and later set up the Dunlop tire company, until 1960, dunlop company stopped the production of bicycle tires. This Tire Valve is called the “woods valve” or “dunlop valve”, I guess is called “woods valve” may be because the past rim is made ​​of wood. This valve is mainly the United Kingdom and Asia, such as China, China’s bicycle industry from the UK to learn of, so the valve natural “woods valve”.

 The second picture shows the American mouth, the English called “Schrader, valve, standard automotive valve, used to the bike just use the stroller or on a general use bike.

 The third graph is a French mouth called “presta valve”, mainly used in high-end bicycles and tubes with (tubulars) on

 The fourth graph is the application of the conversion mouth (French / English)

Editorial department of “star cars” Great Wall old Severin recently encountered a little trouble: the right rear wheel is full of gas, after just a few weeks they deflated some. Gas leak slower, the owner will be ignored, only to find later to check the tire even tie a 5 cm long screws – dark leakage not to let the tire repaired, sooner or later become a serious safety hazard . In fact, the tires dark leakage mainly confined to the following five, we can check it out.

    ● foreign body headlong into the tire

    Tie to the foreign body is the most common tire damage. Headlong into the tire easy to foreign objects, including nails, screws, wire, broken glass, sharp stones child, tiles. Which these foreign objects, nails and screws are most likely to tire puncture, resulting in tire dark leakage, but also inserted in the tire defects not promptly cleaned up, may exacerbate the damage of tires damaged parts.

    Inspection methods: the tire bar to a foreign body, as long as we are careful to observe the surface of the tire can be found. If the foreign body dive to the site is hidden, we can tire surface watering, to find the bubbles, and sometimes can hear the “hissing” discouraged sound.

    ● side of the tire and the inner edge of the damaged

    In addition to tire the front easy to be a hard object “plot”, the tire side and along the weak link. Poor sense of place in some car owners often let the side of the tire to rub the road sub-teeth, over time will wear the side of the tire; tire along the damage is caused due to operational errors to the removable tire on the wheel, this case is basically appear in installation of new tires or install tires tire repair links. Along the damaged side of the tire and will result in tire dark leakage, there will be a high risk of puncture.

    Inspection methods: the side of the tire extent of the damage can be directly observed, in severe cases cracking and drum kits, as long as they are found, must be replaced with new tires as soon as possible, to avoid puncture accidents.

    Tire edge is broken, you need to disassemble the tires to check the owners in the repair shop when the removable tire can be to carefully monitor the operation of the maintenance man, when abnormal, can promptly stop.

    ● The Tire Valve is damaged

    If nothing abnormal in the tire, then we can divert attention to the valve lips. The family cars are basically equipped with vacuum tire valve installed in the wheels of its material is rubber. The rubber material of the valve in use for some time, the attack of the sun and rain and tire pressure will gradually aging, the texture gradually harden, eventually cracking the leak.

TR414 Car Valve

    Inspection methods: check valve, in addition to the surface for cracks, you can also touch the valve rubber, feel its softness. Since the rubber valve of aging easily rupture, then the owners may wish to try to replace the metal valve. Although the money to buy a metal valve bought a few rubber valve, but the more durable metal valve will make people more at ease and more peace of mind.

    ● wheel flange deformation

    Car tire full of air, the tire outer edge of the tight fit with the wheel flange to prevent the leakage of the gas within the tire. If the wheel flange is deformed by the collision, will affect its fit with the outer edge of the tire, causing the tire dark leakage.

    Inspection method: If the wheel flange is severely deformed, can be found with the naked eye; wheel flange deformation is not obvious, you need to first remove the wheel, and then to the tire and wheel joints with water to produce air bubbles place is the hub deformation resulting in a dark site of leakage.

    ● wheels burst

    This dark leakage placed in the last one, because this situation is relatively rare.

Wheels rupture will result in the vacuum tire internal gas leak from the cracks, small cracks will be hidden wheels fracture. It can be said that this situation is rare, but a high degree of risk.

    Inspection methods: did not find four dark leakage, then we have to check the wheels. Before the inspection will need to remove the wheel, and then look at the wheel surface and the inner wall of the presence of cracks. If the wheels unfortunately cracks, it can not expect good repair, and quickly replace the new wheels be considered insurance.

    Summary: The tire dark leakage is a very annoying problem, there is no owner is willing to help tire inflation bursts. In the process of daily car, owners should always pay attention to the status of the observation wheel, appear dark leakage may wish to self-test of reason, to the repair shop will be able to prescribe the right medicine as soon as possible repair, but also to avoid exaggerating the problem pit of money by unscrupulous stores.

People walk to rely on the legs, car driving reliable four wheel, tire exception, as the legs of a man, before the line will inevitably be difficulties, this time not only brought the travel inconvenience, in the cold or rain and snow prone to accidents.

Often clean up the debris of the tread pattern

Raising seven third repair. “This is each owner should keep in mind the car Cheats. Liu said the winter, the owners best to frequent cleaning of the tread pattern of inclusions inevitably hard debris left in the tire pattern, causing the tire to rupture or discouraged.

To remind owners of the car in motion the process, the tread pattern will inevitably have to mixed gravel and other foreign matter, if not removed, a long time, of which some will own off, but there are a considerable part of more and more “stubborn” stuck in a pattern in the deeper, and when the tire wear to a certain extent, these pebbles may even pierce the casing, a flat tire or even a puncture.

In addition, the owner of the docked vehicles have special attention to avoid Car Tire Valve contact with the outside world a hard object damage, causing the tire deflated. The same time, the owners also often equipped with valve caps to prevent clogged.

TPMS Car Valve

Loss of gas in winter puncture culprit

Warned all owners, common in winter puncture the reason most of them are tire loss of gas produced, which is the most easy to overlook one of the reasons for the puncture.

It is understood that the family car at the factory and equipment are the meridian vacuum tire, even in unexpected tie tires, the gas inside the tire will not drain all finished in a short period of time. But the pressure to reduce to a certain extent, the deformation of the tread on both sides will increase once the tread pattern of excessive wear, the carcass will eventually be unable to resist undue pressure and distorted, and finally causing a puncture.

To remind the majority of owners, no matter what time can we ignore the routine maintenance of tires, regularly check the tire bundle nails, cuts, valve rubber aging, cracking phenomenon, discovered should be promptly, to prevent loss of air exercise.

1inner Tire Valve occurs, a compression nut thread pinched the thread damage, transposon bending or valve tube damage effects of gas seal, must be replaced.

Inner tube valve repair methods are as follows.

(1) check flange and inner tube valve adjacent sections have no defects. Such as technical condition is good, and the valve fixed good, should check valve.

(2) if the valve pipe can be repaired, only thread damage, can be a screw tap and a screw thread plate repair.

(3) do not use the valve should be replaced.

(4) from the inner tube through the gap valve inside out. The inner tube wall without gap, can cut7~8mm export.

(5) in the inner tube inside add new valve, its embedded flange hole, mounted on the bridge shaped pad, and a spanner nut tightening valve. Valve bridge pad to be installed, the major axis of the ellipse along the inner circumferential arrayed, rather than horizontal; and must not bend bridge shaped pad, the ends shall be30 °. Bridge shaped pad mounted to the outside, valve should be partially bent sideways toward the inner tube in the direction of.

VFM Bicycle Tire Valve

(6) fill the wound.

(7) in order to remove or embedded valve and open hole completion well stick.

(8) when the replacement of light automobile tyre rubber mouth, available to the old knife valve, and silicon carbide grinding wheel in grinding valve tube remaining part, and then in a local and new rubber valve seat ( flange ) parts of glue, and drying.

The new valve is affixed to the ready to place, to make the valve hole accurately and tube hole is consistent, and the valve seat to be embedded inside the inner tube rubber edge. Roller rolling valve seat, and in the specialized curing valve with plate vulcanization.

Valve cap is lost in time after complete valve cap is small, but it can prevent dust, small gravel into the Tire Valve, and the accumulation of dust and grit is likely to top air needle, causing a flat tire, so, check the tires to the attention of owners in the tire on the valve cap is missing, if you lose it to complete as soon as possible.

Parked vehicles to avoid valve damage parked vehicles to avoid tire is too close to the object, if the valve encounters hard objects, the valve is easy to be the root of rim and connections of the rubber tyre split, led.

TR1 Bicycle Tire Valve

In addition, in the selection of valve also try to choose the shorter, currently on the market, although not to the valve cap is screwed down to check the tire pressure of the valve, the valve cap is too long, parked vehicles, easily meet roadside fixtures, so the car mainly chosen cautiously choose long valve cap.

Tire Valve occurs, a compression nut thread pinched the thread damage, transposon bending or valve tube damage effects of gas seal, must be replaced. Tags: vacuum tube valve TR414C bus with air valve

Inner tube valve occurs, a compression nut thread pinched the thread damage, transposon bending or valve tube damage effects of gas seal, must be replaced.

Inner tube valve repair methods are as follows:

(1) check flange and inner tube valve adjacent sections have no defects. Such as technical condition is good, and the valve fixed good, should check valve.

(2) if the valve pipe can be repaired, only thread damage, can be a screw tap and a screw thread plate repair.

(3) do not use the valve should be replaced.

(4) from the inner tube through the gap valve inside out. The inner tube wall without gap, can cut7-8mm export.

(5) in the inner tube inside the new valve, its embedded flange hole, mounted on the bridge shaped pad, and a spanner nut tightening valve.

(6) fill the wound.

(7) in order to remove or insert valve and cut into the paste in good.

(8) when the replacement of light automobile tyre rubber mouth, available to the old knife valve, and silicon carbide grinding wheel in grinding valve tube remaining part. Then the file local and new rubber valve seat ( flange ) coated with glue, and for doing.

TR15 light truck Tire Valve

The new valve is affixed to the ready to place, to make the valve hole accurately and tube hole corresponds with the valve nozzle seat, and the rubber edge to be embedded inside the inner tube. Roll for rolling valve seat, and in the specialized curing valve with plate vulcanization.

Nitrogen permeability tire wall velocity more slowly than air about 30%-40%, tire nitrogen permeability loss is less, the tire pressure can be kept stable for a long time, so that the car can maintain good running condition. They were filled with goods wagons were experimental, filling a nitrogen, the truck can run60000 kilometers.

The many car tire tubeless, if the tire filling air, so the air contained in the moisture will cause the wheel electroplating layer of oxide, and causes the Tire Valve seal is not tight, make the tyre within the gas leak, causing the tire pressure is insufficient. The tires can cause gasoline consumption increase.

 TPMS Sensor Valve car valve

According to the United States Department of transportation statistics, the country has 80% about vehicle tires, the resulting increase in oil consumption of 9000000 liters per day. According to the latest statistics, the use of dry nitrogen filling tyre, can reduce fuel2%-10%, and the problems to be solved in chronic deflated tire.

The nitrogen can delay the aging of rubber tyre.

 automobile tire air pressure in the tire of a fear of instability, two afraid of tire rubber aging.

The rubber aging is affected by oxygen molecules in air caused by oxidation. Rubber aging will produce cracking phenomenon, causes the rubber lost due to physical properties, and high purity nitrogen filling the rear tire will be oxidized, thereby prolonging the service life of tire. At the same time because of filling the dry nitrogen gas, but also to protect the rim inner being oxidized.

The Americans had made about the tyre filled with air and nitrogen gas experiment. The experimental results show that the tire statistics, filling nitrogen than filling empty gas running more than26% miles. And nitrogen filled tyre and air inflated tire at the same speed running, the former than latter will run the distance of 1/5, and a nitrogen tire wear is less obvious than that of air inflated tire.

The valve cap is also very important, its main role is to isolate the air, also helps to block dust and debris. Should regularly check the gas nozzle and the nozzle cap is in good condition to ensure that: keep the tire air sealing and prolonging the service life of the tire to maintain the correct tire pressure tire auto valve parts of terms and their definitions of Tire Valve has a core cavity or installation core set of parts components, it directly or through the nozzle seat and the tube or rim connection. The core sleeve has a valve core chamber structure, installed in the absence of core cavity structure on the valve body valve parts nozzle seat valve spud connection nozzle body and mounted on the inner tube or the rim valve parts valve function is for tyre inflation, and maintenance of tyre inflating climate seal.

Every time when changing the tire, will be replaced at the same time auto valve. To do so the cost is very low, but it is to protect the tyres, car and your driving safety is important one annulus. When to buy new tires, please be replaced at the same time. Tire air nozzle and parts that are made of rubber, so it will be with the passage of time and aging. At high speeds, aging, cracking rubber gas nozzle may be because of the centrifugal force and bending, causing leakage. Valve leakage of different tire, very slowly and is not easy to find. Easy to cause the tyre in the low pressure of the traveling case. Bring hidden trouble to driving safety.

TR13 tube Valve

Common valve consists of valve body, valve core and the valve cap of three main components.

Tire applications very wide, wide variety, according to the purposes can be broadly divided into: car tires, car tires, truck tires, agricultural tires, engineering tire, special vehicle tire, tire, motorcycle tyres and bicycle tires. One of the most important is the automobile Car Tire Valve. At present, the tire according to the structure can be divided into two categories: bias tire and radial tire, they all belong to the low pressure tire. In general, the tire tyre section width over 17in is a giant tire; tire section width in 17in between 10In and belongs to the large tire; tire section width below 10In tires is a small and medium-sized tires, car tires are generally small and medium-sized tire. In addition, each big tire manufacturers have designed for different types of cars and racing developed for these vehicles for tires, as we all know that F1 racing tires are designed for F1 car development. The following for bias tire and radial tire, tyre with inner tube and tubeless tyre.

In 1, meridian tire: this tire is characterized ply cord arrangement direction and tyre meridian section, as the cord arranged such that the emperor, line strength can be fully utilized, tire cord plies in general than the ordinary diagonal tire can be reduced about40- 50%. Cord in the circumferential direction to contact the rubber alone. Radial tire with common slash births compared, high elasticity, good wear resistance, the service life of the tire can be increased by 30 -50%, small rolling resistance, can reduce the fuel consumption of about 8%, good adhesion performance, good buffering performance, large bearing capacity, the advantages of easy puncture. Disadvantages are: sidewall is easy to split, because the side deformation of large, causing the car to poor lateral stability, technical requirement and high cost of manufacture.

2, tubeless tire: tubeless tires with general tire differs in that there are no inner tube, forcing air directly into the tire, the tire and rim between the need has good seal.

Tubeless tires in appearance and structure with tubeless tires approximation, which is different in tubeless tire wall attached to a thick layer of about 2- 3mm and specially used to seal the sealing rubber layer, which is vulcanized by method of adhesion to, when the tire after perforation, due to its itself is in a state of compression and wrap around needle, so it can be long-term no leakage, even if the puncture objects pull out, also can temporarily maintains the pressure inside the tire.

 Chrome Sleeve for car valve

Tubeless tire bead with a plurality of concentric annular groove, the air pressure in the tire under, groove can reliably make bead tightly on the edge of the rim to ensure sealing. Mounting tubeless tire rim is not flat, it has an inclined bottom and AV paint.Car Tire Valve mouth fixed on the rim, which pad for sealing rubber pad.

Tubeless tyre has good air tightness, good heat radiation, and has the advantages of simple structure, light weight etc.. Disadvantages are en route to repair more difficult. Wide cross section tire: along with the improvement of vehicle speed, reduce vehicle center of gravity, to improve the handling performance, which requires to improve the tire lateral stability and surface adhesion properties, to ensure high speed under the condition of traffic safety, so the low section tyre has become an inevitable trend. Sectional height and section width ratio is representative of tire structure characteristic is an important parameter, called the tire of high aspect ratio, also known as the flattening ratio. From on 20 time begin the century, car tire outside diameter is reduced by 25%, rim diameter is reduced by 35%, tire and rim width nearly doubling, tire of high aspect ratio decreases, car0.5, car0.4, especially wide tires and advanced cars matching, is more elegant.