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Copper and natural rubber prices skyrocketing, the Tire Valve core enterprises swallow. The valve core products into the New Year, 5% price increase, but the 2011 copper and natural rubber prices rose about 20 percent, the price performance of the valve core has been far behind in the speed of the main raw material prices. A price adjustment of the valve core is inevitable, expected in late March or early April, the price increase of 5% to 10%.

First, copper and natural rubber at high prices Forced valve core prices. The main raw material of the valve core, copper and rubber, copper accounted for about 60% the cost of the valve core, rubber accounted for about 20% the cost of the valve core. World copper prices since June last year, has jumped more than 60%. In early February this year exceeded $ 100,000 / ton mark, and has been up to new heights. Relative to the beginning of last year, copper prices rose more than 100%, the rubber price increases are more than 100%. Since last year, valve core three price increases, price increase in 15% to 20%, but much lower than the copper and rubber and other raw materials price increase. At current prices, the valve core enterprises are at a loss. The valve core enterprise alone to tap the potential to absorb the cost has been powerless and can only choose to transfer downstream.

Second, the increase in labor costs to promote the valve core prices up. The valve core is labor-intensive industries, labor costs accounted for 20% of the cost of the valve core. Of the valve core enterprises are mainly located in Ningbo, Jiangyin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao areas, where relatively high wages. Early last year to implement the new labor contract law, labor costs has been greatly improved. After the Spring Festival this year, the valve core employees wages generally rose one percent to two percent. This valve is also a factor in the mouth, core prices.

Third, the valve core demand to support prices. The valve core is the key auto parts. In 2009 and 2010, China’s auto market growth of the “blowout” This car production in one or two years after 2023 will become consumers of the valve core. Recovery in the world automobile industry, GM, Ford and other world auto giants substantial increase in the sales situation, China’s automobile sales in January to continue to improve, people drive and purchase intention of growth, human security means to increase, which increase the demand on the valve core. provide support for the valve core prices.
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The valve core production accounts for 75 percent of world production, half of the valve core in China’s total output controlled by several major manufacturers. The price of these manufacturers has become the benchmark once the prices of other companies quickly followed up. Now the core enterprise of China’s large-scale valve prices intention is obvious, there are individual enterprises has issued notice of price increases. Just consider just mentioned the January price, separated by a short time, so most of the valve core companies consider options at the end of the first quarter or early in the second quarter.

Running for a period of time after such as automobile tire heat after filling. This is because the vehicles tire temperature will rise, the pressure impact.

The Car Tire Valve used in the process, need to maintain clean, or in the use of the process there will be some small fault. Cause the tires to breath, although it is a small device, but need to pay attention to. In the valve cleaner having paying attention to:

In 1, running for a period of time after such as automobile tire heat after filling. This is because the vehicles tire temperature will rise, the pressure effect.

2, to check Car Tire Valve. Valve and valve core if the match is not flat, convex concave phenomenon and other defects, are not convenient inflating and gas.

                          Car Tire Valve

3, should pay attention to the clean air. Filling the air into the containing water and oil, to prevent the inner tube rubber deterioration.

4, inflation should not exceed the standard too much, not because of the long-term business trip abroad not inflation and excessive inflation. Because the standard too much will make cord too spread, cause the reduction of strength, influence the service life of the tyre.

In 5, the charging operation carefully. Before inflating valve of dust should be clean, do not loose valve core. Inflatable finished applications soap rubbed on the valve mouth, leak check, if leakage would produce continuous small bubbles. Then tighten the valve cap, preventing silt into the valve internal.

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Loader in bad site ( such as the rock ) operations often occur when the tyre burst. As the front wheel to bear load, steering, drive function, and first contacts the ground of foreign body, which is more likely to occur. Loader tire large self-weight, coupled with the site, tool restrict, field replaceable front tire is time-consuming and laborious. Following the introduction of a simple, rapid replacement of loader front tyre method, specific as follows:

(1) to start the machine, to find a relatively flat, open area, press the actuating arm lifting rod, the movable arm supporting the front wheels off the ground, and then use the support in front close to the tyre side, and rear wedge ( must cooperate closely with good driver, so as to avoid personal injury).

(2) using a crowbar tools and so on, removing the retainer ring and the lock ring and then check the tyres and rims liner outer surface adhesion ( tire is used for a long time, pad and the rim surface adhesion ). If can remove support, so that the machine in a short distance slow reciprocating operation, until the liner and the outer surface from the rim; no steering and speed, so as to avoid damage to the inner tube. Then, the front wheel to prop up.

(3) the inner, outer position relative to the mark, to search, removal of the foreign body and tire repair.

(4) using a crowbar and other tools, the tire from the rim remove. Pay attention to tacit cooperation, action should be gentle, to avoid being injured by the tire, and to protect the valve.

(5) tire nail elongated foreign body injuries after, if the surface no obvious wound or wound is small, the tire can continue to use ( because the loader tire belongs to low pressure tire, and running speed is slow ); if the wound is large, it must be repaired ( because when the machine is running, the tire is extruded by friction, time long will damage the inner tube, and even more and more prominent, wound tube, causing the tire scrap ).

(6) if a new inner tube, the Tire Valve must be at the bottom of the bolt, to avoid leaks; and then the tire cavity foreign body removal, and thrown into the appropriate talc crushing machine, evenly. In order to make the liner and the inner, outer cover tightly, into the inner tube to tube should be properly inflated, and then into the liner.

(7) the tires mounted on the rim, with locking ring, ring; the installation process to protect the Tire Valve.

(8) with a vehicle air compressor to charge the tyre.

(9) pressure movable arm lifting rod, out of the bracket; thus being finished, the whole process takes about 50 minutes.

After the replacement of tires, need another loader or other lifting equipment auxiliary, the rear tire to prop up the other program, and replacing the front tires the same.

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The Schrader valve (also called American valve) is a brand of pneumatic Tire Valve  used on virtually every motor vehicle in the world today. The Schrader company, for which it was named, was founded in 1844 by August Schrader. The original Schrader valve design was patented in the United States in 1893.
The Schrader valve consists of a valve stem into which a valve core is threaded, and is used on virtually all automobile tires and most wider rimmed bicycle tires. The valve core is a poppet valve assisted by a spring.

In addition to tube and tubeless tires, Schrader valves of varying diameters are used on many refrigeration and air conditioning systems to allow servicing, including recharging with refrigerant; by plumbers conducting leak-down pressure tests on pipe installations; as a bleeding and test port on the fuel rail of some fuel injected engines; and in the buoyancy compensator (BC) inflators of SCUBA systems (the inflation button pushes down on the valve, allowing pressurized gas to flow into the BC). Schrader valves are also widely used in high-pressure hydraulic systems on aircraft.[citation needed] Many domestic fire extinguishers use an internal valve identical to a Schrader valve, but with a lever on top to enable quick release of the pressurised content.

A Schrader valve consists of an externally threaded hollow cylindrical metal tube, typically of brass. In the center of the exterior end is a metal pin pointing along the axis of the tube; the pin’s end is approximately flush with the end of the valve body.
Generally, all Schrader valves used on tires have threads and bodies of a single standard size at the exterior end, so caps and tools generally are universal for the valves on all common applications. The core of the valve can be removed or tightened with a tool.
A new development is Schrader valve stems with integrated transmitters for tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

While the car market has grown immensely over the past five years, the vast majority of motorists still own, drive or maintain an older car, usually 5-7 years old, if not more. Common knowledge says that five-year-old cars tend to manifest most of the serious problems in car ownership. I hope to help you become more proactive and identify common problems, which can lead to more serious and costly ones down the road if left unattended.

1.) Flat-tires—tires, when inflated with ordinary oxygen can lose as much as 5 pounds of pressure in a week. It is crucial to check the tire pressure every time you gas up and monitor how much tire pressure you’ve lost. If your car feels or handles weird, funny or feels extra-harsh and you can really feel the big bumps on the road, the tire pressure is too low, or at least is less than ideal. If you are losing more than 5 pounds of tire pressure, chances are you have a slow puncture, like a small nail of sharp metal debris stuck between the tread, or the tire valve stem is old, worn and leaking. A simple twist-in tire sealant is a few hundred pesos at most, whereas the more expensive tire patch is about P500 and a quality tire valve stem is also about P500 to P700 pesos each, depending on brand.

All in all, having any one of these tasks performed/parts changed on your vehicle’s tires will be much less than replacing a complete tire and/or having a tow truck come over to rescue you, especially when these things happen at the worst possible time, such as manic rush hour traffic, or on long holidays such as Holy Week or Christmas. Having your car’s wheels aligned at a minimum of once a year not only allows your tires to last longer, get maximum fuel efficiency, and chassis stability and grip, it also gives professional mechanics a chance to inspect your car’s suspension, make sure nothing’s leaking and tighten everything up to ensure a rattle-free drive.

As a general rule, most modern cars and tires are designed to run slightly higher pressure for better fuel efficiency and performance as well as support today’s breed of heavier cars capable of higher levels of speed and grip. Gone are the days of inflating to sub-30 pounds of tire pressure. A good rule of thumb is to inflate to 33 psi cold, then adjust higher or lower from there. 33 psi is right smack in the middle of the recommended range of regular sedans, SUV’s and pick-ups and even high-performance cars. And keep your tire valve stem caps in place too. They prevent loss of pressure from old, worn and leaking tire valve stems when threaded on properly tight.

2.) Noisy belts—serpentine belts, fan belts, v-belts, accessories belts, are all different names for the same rubber bands that connect your engine ancillaries to one another, powered by the engine’s crankshaft. As the engine spins, it spins the water pump, oil pump, a/c compressor, alternator and power steering pumps together because they are connected by belts. If you notice that your car feels sluggish, your power steering feels heavier than what it used to be, your car’s electrical system feels weak (such as when you turn on all your electrical components and your headlights look dim or weak at idle in traffic), chances are your belts, and the associated bearings and tensioners that keep the belts tight, are old, loose or binding. Let’s not forget the screeching, whining shrieking noise associated with old, worn or binding rubber belts. Replace the belts immediately, and be amazed at how light-footed your car will perform. Change the bearings and tensioners too, as new belts won’t last long with old bearings and tensioners as they can be the cause of binding.

Left unattended, your battery can drain out faster and leave you stuck on the road due to poor charging, or the belts will break and/or tear off, again leaving you stranded on the road or, worse, your oil and water pumps seize, causing overheating due to lack of lubrication and cooling, or other serious engine damage, not only leaving you stranded on the road, but with a hefty repair bill coming soon after.

3.) Overheating—most people never really realize how effective their cooling systems are until subjected to intense traffic in the midday heat on a very hot and humid summer day. I’ve said it so many times, and I’ll say it again: Never ever fill your radiator and the rest of your cooling system with regular tap water as sediments and impurities in tap water can gather together and cause rust, creating more impurities in your cooling system. These impurities can clog your radiator’s tubes, the thermostat and thermostat housing, tear up old rubber seals and joints and cause pitting on the water pump’s vanes, which impede it from pumping water and coolant effectively into your engine, thereby causing even more damage.

If your car is five years old and has over 80,000 kilometers, replace the water pump, flush out all the coolant and replace with distilled water and high-quality coolant. Some shops like Caltex Dallas and DTM Motorsports offer Lavramon coolant flushing, which ensures that all impurities are flushed out of the engine as the Lavramon machine pumps water mixed with special chemicals designed to remove all coolant imperfections, impurities and sediments from your engine’s cooling channels.

Another often overlooked cause of overheating is the rubber hoses and the special jubilee clips that hold them in place. Rubber wears out, and the jubilee clips and clamps are like springs which loose tension over the years especially when subjected to intense heat from the engine bay and the elements. Small pinhole leaks, normally invisible to the naked eye, only start until there is intense pressure and temperature from the engine and pushes out from the old and worn rubber hoses and joints where clamps hold the hoses in place. You don’t see this normally because you’re inside the car with the hood closed. Change the rubber hoses, change the clips and clamps every five years at the most to ensure that you have absolutely no leaks at all.

Lastly, change your radiator cap once every three to five years, too. The spring tension on the radiator cap loses its strength over time, and the rubber under-seal underneath the radiator cap gets worn-out as well. And while you’re at it, have a soft hand brush and low-pressure water handy to wipe away clean the radiator and the a/c condenser. The dirtier these two heat exchangers are, the less effective they are to radiate heat as the dirt blocks and prevents incoming air to cool these down and radiate heat into the ambient and passing air.

Three simple things to look out for. Three simple tasks to do, which will cost no more than P5,000 thereabouts. And three things to help further ensure that you, your loved ones and your car will be safely on your way, every day.

World rubber industry, especially the rapid development of China’s tire industry for our valve core provides a steady flow of orders. Valve core of the industry to seize opportunities for development in recent years, the number of product varieties and improve the continuous and stable, the main valve core product categories account for the output of more than 70% global share, becoming the world’s largest producer of valve core. Valve at the recently held general learned the core industries, output in 2010 will exceed our valve 3 billion, will exceed 3.5 billion valve core, valve core will account for more than 85% market share. Industry enterprises have reached a consensus: should not revel in the production of hegemony in the world on, but should correctly understand and face the problems the industry, improve quality, eliminate hidden dangers and do a responsible “world business.” China Chemical Equipment Association Professional Committee of the valve core Li Dongping that the valve core in recent years, exports of the number of varieties grown rapidly, the core business of most of the valve more than 60% of products sold in international markets, and gradually entered the international auto parts procurement system. China has become a truly world largest output valve core, the largest production base for exports. This course is a happy event, but must also see that the momentum of our strong export valve has shaken the core of the existing pattern of world trade. On the one hand, in this case does not dismiss the possibility of some countries for the purpose of trade protectionism, by building out a variety of barriers to prevent Chinese products, manufacturing, international trade discord; the other hand, individual awareness of domestic corporate social responsibility more weak, and do not pay attention to product quality, and blindly compete for market at a low price in the international market have a bad effect, this situation will inevitably lead to some exporting countries to use international trade rules of the game, to carry out the quality of export products to China and even anti-dumping investigations . He believes that in order to ensure the healthy and stable long-term development, China’s valve industry, the core must be the case in the situation is excellent, as the valve shoulder the responsibility of the core powers of control world power shortcomings, bad behavior to discover the industry, regulate trade order. He suggested that enterprises must improve quality from the start, Lianhaoneigong to promote technological innovation to improve the quality of products; from the beginning of a brand name, expand markets, reduce the risk of dumping; performance and social responsibility from the start, being a responsible “world enterprises. ” It is understood that the main origin of valve concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Fujian, has formed a complete specification, supporting a structured pattern of industrialization; more than 30 manufacturers, the annual output over 300 million have 4 , over 5000 of more than a dozen. Estimated 2007 sales of various types of valves can be supported to reach 2.19 billion units, with sales of 40 million yuan or more. Among them, the truck inner tube valve 120 million, motorcycle, bicycle inner tube valve 1.2 billion, truck tubeless valves 40 million, car tubeless valves 800,000,000, and other special valves 30 million. Leading products truck inner tube and tubeless valves, motorcycle tire valve, tubeless valve car production have been about 70% of the world, exports amounted to nearly $ 250,000,000. It should be noted that the valve core and the National Rubber Machinery Committee of test center quality earlier in the investigation of the industry, we found a number of negative phenomena and potential risks. For example, the tire valve problems are: the persistence of some enterprises Material mainly the mouth lower and lower copper content materials; change valve standard structure and size, to reduce material consumption purposes; valve mouth and body size, short, not up to standard requirements; mouth thin body chassis, small diameter. In addition, the rubber valve seat materials, poor quality of rubber, metal, plastic body cover low, the prevalence of blooming phenomenon. Valve inside the main problems are: some enterprises material is mainly the valve core length shorter than the standard, resulting in valve core leakage rate, some enterprises valve core leakage rate of more than 5%, life is short, inflatable speed low; Snap valve factories in the Ningbo region there is some use of cheaper natural rubber and recycled rubber mixing, instead of EPDM rubber and natural rubber mix, the product can not be tested through the ozone standard; some companies to reduce the valve copper mouth to save weight, without changing the structure of valve size standard, such as the diameter of the mouth bar and the core chamber reaming thinning cancellation. National Rubber Machinery Quality Supervision, Inspection and Shen Jie, deputy director, said valve core is related to people’s lives and property safety, whether national standards or international standards are the size of the valve core strict requirements, without changing the product structure size is actually illegal. If a large number of non-standard products are exported to foreign countries, the vehicle after installation will bring great security risk. Tubeless Snap-in particular, valve, mounted on top speed of over 200 km of the tire, once the accident, will be the car crash of major accidents, the reputation of Chinese products would bring adverse effects. He suggested that industry should pay attention to standard adoption problem, companies should self-examination, and resolutely put an end to production of non-standard products, producers have to crack down on individual non-compliance and the media exposure.

(1) driving for a period of time to wait after a car tire suspended after cooling plus gas. This is because the vehicle when the tire temperature rises, the pressure influence.

(2) to check the tire valves. When combined with valves and valve core is not flat, there is the phenomenon of protruding recessed and other defects are not easy to inflate and the amount of air pressure.

(3) inflatable should pay attention to cleanliness. The air filled with water and oil can not prevent the deterioration of rubber inner tube damage.

(4) inflation should not exceed the standards too much, and do not travel abroad because of the long-term inflation and too much can not be inflated. Because too much will lead to excessive over-stretching cord, causing the strength decrease of tire life.

(5) inflatable operation carefully. Inflatable lips before the dust should be wiped off the valve, do not loose valve core. After the application of pneumatic valve lather wipe the mouth, check for leaks, if the leak will produce a continuous small bubbles. The valve cap will be tightened to prevent sediment entering the internal valve.

Copper and natural rubber prices skyrocketing, our valve core business victims. Although the valve core into the New Year has been conducted in a 5% price increase, but the copper and rubber prices in the New Year and 20%, prices of valve core valve core has been far behind the main raw material price increases. Valve core is inevitable a new round of price increases is expected to end in 3 or 4 hours early range of 5-10%.
Forced high price of copper and rubber valve core prices. The main raw material for the valve core copper and rubber, copper valve core costs accounted for about 60%, rubber valve core costs accounted for about 20%. World copper prices have soared since last June more than 60%. Early February this year, over 10 million U.S. dollars / ton mark, and has been up high. Relative to the beginning of last year, now 100% more than copper prices, rubber prices rose in 100% or more. Since last year, despite three rounds of valve core price increases, price increase in 15 to 20%, but much lower than the copper and rubber, and other major raw material price increase. At current prices, valve core are at a loss. Valve core businesses rely solely on their inability to digest is the cost of tapping the potential, can only choose prices to the downstream transfer.
Increased labor costs to promote the valve core prices up. Valve core is labor-intensive industries, labor costs accounted for the cost of valve core 20%. Valve core business in China are mainly distributed in Ningbo, Jiangyin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao, and other regions, relatively high wages in these areas. Early last year to promote these areas to implement the new labor contract law, labor costs have a larger increase. After the Spring Festival this year, universal valve core labor wages rise 1 to 2 percent. This is also a factor in valve core prices.
Demand valve core to support prices. 2009 and 2010, China’s auto market to a “blowout” type of growth, which increased car ownership in China, these cars will be two or three years valve core consumers. Significant recovery of the world automobile industry, General Motors, the world’s auto giants Ford, sales of substantial growth in the situation, China’s January car continues to improve, people drive and the car intended growth, increase human security means, which are increasing the valve core demand for valve core prices provide support.
China valve core 75% of the total world production, while China’s total output of half of the valve core from the first few of the major manufacturers control. The main manufacturers of these play a vane  role, once the prices of other companies quickly follow. Is the core business of large-scale valve obvious intention prices, some companies have already notified the user to issue price. Only take into account the January price of just mentioned, separated by a short time, so the Tire Valve core businesses to choose the end of the first quarter or early second quarter.

Why not a bike tire valve leak?
Tire valve and the bike is not the same?

Bicycle tire valve and the structure of differences;
Bicycle tire valve inside the nut by inserting and compress the seal between the jacket (not active), is used when the air pressure into the holes on the squeeze into the core, while the hole is sealed by a small rubber cover, this structure is simple and practical Sealing reliability, but only some of the occasions for low air pressure;
The car is no core rod valve inside the hole, by the core rod to seal the gasket below, pressure is by promoting the valve core into the slide, bounce by pushing back tire valve core inside the sealed pressure, the application of high pressure but the valve Core seal wear, foreign body or shift prone to leakage.

In all,Principle is the same, but all rely on automated vehicle to achieve one-way ventilation valve core resin; and glial increase tire valve core is steel.