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Bicycle Tire Valves allow riders to inflate their tires with air. According to bicycle expert Sheldon Brown, the three types of Bicycle Tire Valves are Schrader, Presta and Woods. Cycling writer Jobst Brandt says most current bicycle manufacturers produce Schrader and Presta valve tubes. Most bicycle valves attach permanently to inner tubes, but some newer tubeless bicycle tires use a special Presta valve temporarily attached to the wheel rim.

Cyclists call Schrader valves “American valves.” Automotive tire and plumbing applications in the U.S. commonly use Schrader valves. Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Glossary recommends the use of a 21/64-inch drill bit to convert Presta-drilled rims to accept Schrader valves. In the U.S., you can fill Schrader valve tubes at gas stations and with many styles of air pumps. Most children’s bicycles and other less expensive bicycles use Schrader valve tubes.

Presta valves, or “French valves,” are skinnier than Schrader valves and use a locknut mechanism to retain air pressure. Presta valves require a Presta pump or a Presta valve adapter, which you can find at bike shops. Presta valve caps protect a tube from valve puncture during shipping, but Brown’s Bicycle Glossary says riders don’t need to use caps.

Woods valves, roughly the size of Schrader valves at the base, taper to the size of Presta valve locknuts. Once common in Asia and the British Isles, Woods valves rarely appear in the United States. Presta pumps work with Woods valves. The rubber interiors of Woods valves deteriorate over time so they no longer retain air. Some patch kits include short lengths of rubber tubing designed as replacement rubber interiors for Woods valves, according to Brown’s Bicycle Glossary.

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Why not a bike tire valve leak?
Tire valve and the bike is not the same?

Bicycle tire valve and the structure of differences;
Bicycle tire valve inside the nut by inserting and compress the seal between the jacket (not active), is used when the air pressure into the holes on the squeeze into the core, while the hole is sealed by a small rubber cover, this structure is simple and practical Sealing reliability, but only some of the occasions for low air pressure;
The car is no core rod valve inside the hole, by the core rod to seal the gasket below, pressure is by promoting the valve core into the slide, bounce by pushing back tire valve core inside the sealed pressure, the application of high pressure but the valve Core seal wear, foreign body or shift prone to leakage.

In all,Principle is the same, but all rely on automated vehicle to achieve one-way ventilation valve core resin; and glial increase tire valve core is steel.

VGM Bicycle Tire Valve

VGM Bicycle Tire Valve

The utility model provides a bicycle valve, including nuts, valve core, stud, the nut has a washer, valve core has a convex upper part of both sides of the column position of said washer is equipped with the valve core on the Convex slope match the column, the said stud with the valve core on the convex upper column has to match the longitudinal grooves, this bike valve has a simple structure, the characteristics of self-locking does not leak.
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Stans NoTubes Bicycle Tire Removeable Valve Core – AS01
Product Features
Standard valve stem can be used in standard rims
features a removable valve core for quick and easy sealant installation
UPC: 183720000137
Product Description
Standard valve stem can be used in standard rims and features a removable valve core for quick and easy sealant installation. UST valve stem is for Mavic UST and Bontrager tubeless rims only and features a removable valve core for quick and easy installation.