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(1) driving for a period of time to wait after a car tire suspended after cooling plus gas. This is because the vehicle when the tire temperature rises, the pressure influence.

(2) to check the tire valves. When combined with valves and valve core is not flat, there is the phenomenon of protruding recessed and other defects are not easy to inflate and the amount of air pressure.

(3) inflatable should pay attention to cleanliness. The air filled with water and oil can not prevent the deterioration of rubber inner tube damage.

(4) inflation should not exceed the standards too much, and do not travel abroad because of the long-term inflation and too much can not be inflated. Because too much will lead to excessive over-stretching cord, causing the strength decrease of tire life.

(5) inflatable operation carefully. Inflatable lips before the dust should be wiped off the valve, do not loose valve core. After the application of pneumatic valve lather wipe the mouth, check for leaks, if the leak will produce a continuous small bubbles. The valve cap will be tightened to prevent sediment entering the internal valve.