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TR-455 Car Tire Valve

TR-455 Car Tire Valve

Valve function is filling the tire deflated, and sufficient to maintain the climate of the sealing tires. Common valve body from the valve, valve core and valve cap of three main parts.
Valve function is sufficient to deflate the tire and the tire inflated to maintain the seal. General
Tire Valve from the valve body, valve core and valve cap of three main parts.
Valve types:
1, by Use: bicycle valves, motorcycle, electric vehicle valve, valve cars, trucks, buses valve, valve agricultural engineering vehicles, special valve and so on.
2, according to whether the tube points: inner tube valve tube valve and valve tubeless tubeless valve.
3, by way of sub-assembly: screw-mounted valve screw-on universal valve
, compression-type valve clamp-in valve and valve snap snap-in valve.
4, according to the size of core cavity sub: General core cavity valve ordinary core chamber valve and large core cavity valve large core chamber valve.
5, according to valve core points: the British mouth dunlop / woods valve, an American mouth Schrader valve, French mouth presta valve, German and Italian mouth mouth.