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  • 1, Overview: the function of valves is sufficient to deflate the Tire Valve and to maintain the seal after the tire inflation, regular valve from the valve body, valve core and valve cap of three main parts. .

    2, the action: for tire charge and discharge of gas or liquid, and can maintain and test the internal pressure of the one-way valve (check valve).
    Installed on the inner tube tires inner tubes, and tubeless tires mounted on rims.

    3, Category: There are 5 valves classification,
    One is by use: driving valve, motorcycles, electric cars valve, valve cars, trucks, buses valve, valve agricultural engineering vehicles, special valve and so on.
    Divided according to whether two types of inner tube:
    Inner tube valve tube valve and valve tubeless tubeless valve
    Assembly by way of three points:
    Screw-mounted valve screw-on universal valve, Clamp valve clamp-in valve and valve snap snap-in valve.
    Four points by the size of core cavity: general core cavity valve ordinary core chamber valve and large core cavity valve large core chamber valve.
    Valve core divided by five: English mouth dunlop / woods valve, American mouth Schrader valve, French mouth presta valve, German and Italian mouth mouth

    Tire valve according to the structure can be divided into rubber pad with metal valves and metal valve types. The former used car tire inner tube, which is mainly used in truck tires. Tubeless tire valve of the internal structure of the same ordinary valve.
    Standard profiles
    GB1796 provisions of this part of the snap-in valves of the terms and definitions, model mark, the structure, parts of the structure, size and materials, appearance, mouth and body rubber hardness, assembly performance, the combination of rubber and metal, sealing, anti-Ozone capacity, blasting, flex resistance, test methods, inspection rules, labeling, packaging and storage

    This section applies to valve hole diameter 11.3mm maximum pressure 475kPa and the valve hole diameter of 15.7mm maximum pressure 450kPa in tubeless tire valves.
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