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If the inner tube valve screw pinch, thread damage, stand under the gland nut bends or valves when the tube is not sealed, you must replace it.
Inner tube valve repair including thread, the method is as follows:
(1) check the ridge and adjacent parts of the inner tube valve with or without defects, such as technology in good condition, and the valve snaps well, valve should be checked.
(2) if the valve pipe thread damage, repair wire tapping tapping threads available.
(3) the unserviceability of the Tire Valve should be replaced.
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(4) through the vents to remove valve from the inner tube, inner tube when there is no crack on the wall, you can cut open at the mouth of 7~8mm.
(5) in inner tubes, which put the new valves, to embedding flange hole, install bridge-shaped pad and tighten the valve nut spanners. Valve bridge-shaped mats should be installed, that is along the long axis of the ellipse tubes arranged in a circle, instead of the cross; and not to bend the bridge-shaped mat, his head should be 30 degrees. Bridge pads installed towards the outside, bent part of the valve should be sideways towards the inner tube tube.
(6) fill the wound.
(7) in order to remove or in-line valves and cut into the hole to supplement good.
(8) when replacing diesel light vehicles on the inner tube rubber mouth, free knife when cutting the old valve and silicon carbide grinding wheel on the inner tube valve grinding rest. Then place in the mill and the new rubber valve seat (flange) coated with glue and drying.
Get new valves stick ready to place, to make the valve holes precisely consistent with inner tubes and rubber edge you want to embed in the inner tube of the valve seat inside the cave. Roller pressure valves and special curing curing on the valve plate.
When you replace and repair valves, to check the integrity of the flange. Such as flange damage, must be replaced with new parts. Replace the flange of the steps are as follows:
(1) by filing a good waste tube cut a thin, oval, its dimensions for large inner tube 160×90 (mm) for a small tube of the 140×80 (mm), and then a long rough, and along the external edge is cut into the slope. For in-use gasoline to clean after the surface had been filed, brushing glue twice, and then be dried after each brushing.
(2) from the coated fabric layer in sample cut from two elliptic slice, its dimensions for large inner tube 140×70 (mm) and 120×50 (mm) for small tubes for 120×100 (mm) and 100×40 (mm) and then brush the glue on both sides, and drying.
(3) on the rubber sheet placed on small, then put glue layer thin slices of fabric and placing symmetrical. Shall have the same distance between the sides and edges, and roller compaction.
(4) the glue layer thin slices of fabric edge inner tube covered with glue and thin Central hollow punch punching diameter 5mm small round holes.
(5) in the inner tube towards electing a no wound on the inside of the rim, with a metal brush or silicon carbide grinding wheels sanding. Size of the grinding parts, size 5mm size flange on each side;
(6) remove the tire ash, wipe the surface of the ground with gasoline, then brush two glues, and drying after each brushing.
(7) in the tube brush on glue and dry parts, paste prepared flanges and flange hole coincides with the hole on the tube, and then compacting it with the roller tube plate curing on.
(8) after curing wall of the inner tube in a flange Centre holes with an awl, and embedding from the inner tube valve; placed on the bridge-shaped pad, tighten the nut. Bridge pads should follow the tube installed.
Repairing the old flange sections.
Millions of tires of the originating in China valve may crack and cause a flat tire, this potential danger has caused enormous repercussions in the tyre industry.
Experts believe that now the biggest problem is there is no way to confirm those tire valves equipped with questionable. Unless you remove the tire and internal testing, you cannot determine whether the valve is defective.
June 2 in Johnstown, Ohio, tire valves importer Taylor International Corporation (TechInternationalInc., hereinafter referred to as company Taylor) voluntary recall of 6 million sets of TR413 bayonet valves product, these valves are a topology thinking company in Shanghai, China from July 2006 to November during the production.
Taylor said valve pad may be split, so that a flat tire, resulting in tire failure. Companies promised to free not only replace the recalled valves and replace the valve gasket cracks caused by damage tires.
Taylor was announced on the official recall by the company three weeks ago May 13 informed the Distributor TR413 valve there is a potential problem. However, this is a recall many unpredictable factors.
Taylor’s company did not have the TR413 valve end user information, there is no way to confirm the identity of the end user. Taylor’s company to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (hereinafter referred to as NHTSA) report said that if Taylor TR413 valve production company confirmed that the batch date unrealistic.
Before the recall, NHTSA has just published on topology thinking companies (Topseal) more than 30 million sets of the TR400 series bayonet valves: a preliminary assessment. This bayonet valves were for dill air control products company in Oxford, North Carolina (DillAir Controls Products L.L.C., hereinafter referred to as the dir company) production.
Dill on April 30 valve met with NHTSA officials to discuss potential problems. Deere told NHTSA,2006 during the five months of the year production of valves may pad due to poor resistance to ozone cracking.
Dir, General Manager of BrianRigney said that is not sent within this time the dir all valve company has problems. He said, the company is an independent organization test which batch problem.
He went on to say that, once the di company confirmed the problems for which batch, dir will share with NHTSA and dealer related information. Rigney said, the company plans to publishing on the Web in the shortest possible time consumer notice on the valve.
Into action
Dir and tire dealer discount tire company in Scottsdale, Arizona, (DiscountTireInc.), have together by the RobertA.Monk family to the Nineth circuit court in Florida on March 18, is listed as co-defendants in lawsuits for product liability.
Monk near Gainesville, Florida, on November 11, 2007, deaths due to vehicle rollover. Litigation charges, from discount tire company bought the car the right rear tire, dir sales TR413 valve is installed, because the valve gasket cracked, causing tire failure, which can lead to an accident.
Prosecution requests for the losses of the dir and discount tire company, fees, interest and other compensation.
Monk, lawyer of the families of RichardNewsome and FrankMelton on June 12, to request the Nineth circuit courts, recalled tire valves and compensation for the customer.

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Discount tire company Vice President in charge of marketing and public relations, Rigney and JeffStine refused to express evaluation on such lawsuits.
Dir company has issued a statement through its legal counsel, the above action, said Reddy, company would be produced or sold by other manufacturers and their brands be liable for any problems arising from the product.
In the valve before installation, there is no way to know whether valve pad will crack. Stine said, we rely on information provided by the manufacturer.
May appear around the surface of the tire valves cracks visible to the naked eye. Determine valve defects within the only way is to remove the tire and detection. Spokesman for the industry and safety advocates said.
In 2006 this time if you have purchased a tire, you really need to check your tire valve, safety research and strategy company located in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, (SafetyResearch&StrategiesInc.) Manager SeanKane said.
SRS and United States rubber industry association (RubberManufacturersAssociation) on valve investigation reached a consensus on, the two organizations agreed that detects if the tires properly inflated on a regular basis is important.

Flat inner tube valve wire crimping, clamping nut down threads damaged, bent pipe or valve damage effect gas seal stand, it must be replaced.
Inner tube valve repair method is as follows:
(1) check the flange and the adjacent part of the inner tube valve with or without defects. As in good technical condition, and the valve snaps well, valve should be checked.
(2) if the Tire Valve tube can be repaired, only thread damage, wire tapping and Board repair wire buckle available.

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(3) are not available using the valve should be replaced.
(4) through the vents to remove valve from the inner tube. Inner tube when there is no crack on the wall, you can cut 7-8mm exports.
(5) in inner tubes, which put a new valve, is embedding flange hole, install bridge-shaped pad, with spanners tighten valve nut.
(6) fill the wound.
(7) in order to remove or in-line valves and cut into the hole to supplement good.
(8) when replacing the light car inner tube rubber mouth, knife and cut the old valves that are available, and silicon carbide grinding wheel on the inner tube valve grinding rest. And then in the file and the new rubber valve seat (flange) coated with glue and dry.
Ready to place new valve put in, to make the valve holes precisely consistent with inner tubes and valve inner tube rubber edge to be embedded in the hole. Using roller rolling block valves and special curing curing on the valve plate.

2010 bid farewell to the valve core industry in China after the first negative annual report 2009 year, again entering the fast-growing channel. Valve core production, sales revenue, export earnings have increased market demand, industry will invest, large-scale technical transformation scenes of prosperity.

Global 80% in China
According to statistics, 2010 main valve core enterprises total sales revenue reached 2.03 billion yuan, an increase of 14.5%; valve output was 1.65 billion, an increase of 16.8%; core output of 2.22 billion, an increase of 3.6%. Estimated 2010 valve cores total sales revenue reached 3.9 billion yuan in China, valve output reached 3 billion, core production reached 3.2 billion. Valve core output in China has reached 80% per cent of global production, gradual transfer to China by the valve core of the world.
Last year, the valve core enterprises machine keeps running, worker overtime production, enterprise technology and capacity expansion projects. Hangzhou million pass company new launched has a article fetal pressure monitoring system (TPMS) valve mouth line; Jiangyin Bo, company new increased has a valve core automatically Assembly equipment; Jiangyin innovation company and Shanghai insurance lung company increased technology and equipment inputs, continued expanded production scale; gongzhuling in the large company will valve core capacity improve 20% around, products still supply; gaomi with create car accessories limited take Enterprise overall relocation, more significantly expanded capacity; Shanghai insurance lung car technology company limited new Shang fine benefits line, This is my first valve core industry of lean production lines. Preliminary, and in 2010 more than industry-wide capacity 20%, larger increases.

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Export promotion impact
According to statistics, 2010 main valve core enterprises export 1.0199 billion yuan, an increase of 29.6%. Plus six Hui and Hui two Taiwan-funded enterprises in Xiamen, 2010 China valve core exports more than 2.2 billion yuan. Among them, the backbone export Enterprise Pallan, innovation, Jiangyin, Hangzhou, Shanghai wantong, Jiangyin Premier autoparts, Ningbo ouyadaocheng, anchi industries and the Ningbo siming auto parts in Foshan. Hangzhou wantong enterprises export sales income of 80% above is a genuine export-oriented enterprises. Pallan, Hangzhou, Shanghai wantong achieve batch to supply world auto giants such as Ford makes it, entering the world auto parts procurement system, raise the level of valve core industry internationalization in China and formed a strong brand on a global scale.
Economic benefits after former high low
Integrated valve core business information, statistics of 2010 industry essentially flat with a year earlier. Profit in the first half, but the second half as the price of copper, rubber and other raw materials rose sharply, Enterprise benefit began falling sharply. Copper prices rose to 60,000 from 40,000 yuan per ton in early Yuan/ton, increases nearly 50%, rubber prices rise nearly 100%. Valve core businesses despite three rounds of price increases, totaled about 20%, but hardly enough to offset the effects of rising raw materials costs. Small business losses, some companies consciously reduced yields. Facing higher raw material prices, valve core enterprise through energy saving, equipment, capacity expansion measures, such as price increases digestive cost pressures, maintaining healthy and stable development of the industry. Valve cores in current demand, prices on an higher trend, 2011 valve core industry is expected to be a bumper year.

It was that car tires would be the people to wear shoes, soles appear burst does not cause one dies, blow-out is cause car crash when message is heard. Data show that, in a traffic accident on Highway, accounted for more than 70% of accidents caused by a puncture. From this point of view, the tire on the vehicle far exceeds the importance of shoes on the importance of people.
User before traveling often to check the engine, brakes, steering, lighting and maintenance, but neglected to tire inspection, maintenance, do to traffic safety down a certain amount of risk. This article summarizes the top ten taboos of used tires, hoping to provide some help for your car.
1, avoid excessive tire pressure. The car plant has special provisions for tire pressure, follow the label, must not exceed the maximum value. Pressure is too high on the center of the weight concentrated in the tread, tread Centre led to rapid wear. When subjected to external shocks, injury-prone even blasting tread; tension is too great, resulting in tread groove tread delamination and cracks at the end of; tire grip reduced braking performance vehicles jumping, reduce ride comfort, vehicle suspension systems are easily damaged.
2, avoid low tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will cause the tires to overheat. Low voltage makes tire of grounded area does not uniform, fetal surface or cord layer de layer, and fetal surface Groove and the fetal shoulder cracked, curtain line fracture, fetal shoulder parts quickly wear, shortened tire of using life; increases fetal lip and rims Zhijian of exception friction, caused fetal lip injury, or tire and rims from, even explosion fetal; while will increased scroll resistance, and increased fuel consumption, and effect vehicles of manipulation, serious Shi even raised traffic accident.
3, bogey by Visual inspection to determine tire pressure. Tire comes to 0.7 kg/square centimeter per month on average air pressure and tire pressure varies with temperature, temperature rise/fall 10 degrees Celsius, rise/fall 0.07~0.14 the pressure kg/square centimeter; air pressure must be measured in the tire cooled, and measuring valve cap must be covered. Develop a habit of often use barometer to measure air pressure, do not judge with the naked eye. Sometimes ran away a lot of air pressure, tire looked flat but not too. Should be checked at least once a month the air pressure (including spare tire).

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4, bogey as a normal tire spare tire use. Vehicles used in the course, if run from 100,000 to 80,000 kilometers later, users will tire spare tire as well, as spare tires used tires, this is absolutely not desirable. Because the use of time, tire aging is not the same, and there is very unsafe. Tires were bad on the road, owners usually replace them with spare tire, some owners do not remember to change spare tire, forget spare tires only “prepared in case tire”.
5, avoiding inconsistent about tire pressure. When the side when the tire pressure is too low, driving, braking procedures vehicle in the side deviation. Also note that two tires on the same axle should be a pattern exactly the same specifications, different manufacturers, different patterns of tire is not used for two wheels, otherwise deviation can also occur.
6, avoid tire overload. Tire structure, strength, and pressure and speed are calculated after manufacturer strictly determined, does not comply with the standards and overloading tires will affect its service life. Based on the experimental proof of the relevant departments: overload 10% tire life reduced 20%; overload 30% tire rolling resistance will increase by 45% per cent while, at the same time fuel consumption will also increase. While overloaded itself is strictly prohibited by the law.
7 bogey is not cleared in time the tire debris. Car in driving process in the, driving pavement vary widely, fetal grain in the inevitable to will clip chop suey stone, and nails, and iron, and glass debris, foreign body, as does not timely clear, time long has, which has part will own off, but has quite part will increasingly “stubborn”, card in pattern in the more depression more deep, dang tire wear to must degree Hou, these foreign body even will thorn breaking fetal body, led to tire leak even explosion fetal.
Function of the valve is to tire gas-filled and sealed after maintaining tire inflation. Common valve from valve body, valve core and valve cap consists of three main parts.

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1. inflatable should pay attention to safety. To review the pressure in the pressure at any time, so that due to low air, blow-out.
2. before the end, valves required tire set warm air, due to lower vehicles good driving tires Wen Hang, after pressure effects.
3. examine valves. Valve cores if cooperation is not oblique tones in harmony zero, convex convex into the implicit as well as other shortcomings are not inflatable, and mass air pressure.
4. charging should pay attention to clean. Cannot open fire and air-filled oil, balancing blocks
5. the air do not exceed specifications air pressure too much, and then when you put gas, nor fruit, liexiyi, temporarily absent cannot be inflated too much air, above-scale power flexor relaxation rarely rushed the cord far, cause the weak forces decreased, affecting tire life.

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Correct use, maintenance and custody, to improve the service life of tires have a lot of relationships, and in some cases can increase tire life 50% above.

1. Tires using the principles of practice has proved that correct use of tire should be 6 points:

① correctly handling tires and strict adherence to work under pressure and load.

② in the bad roads to take into account the tyre condition, careful driving.
③ to ensure the wheels are used and according to the provisions of parts for tire balancing and transposition.
④ maintenance work to do, and timely and high quality repair work.
⑤ to properly stocking and storage of tires.
⑥ in use special to do “six slow and a standard”, that is, turning slow, downhill, brakes slow, slow slow slow slow, poor roads, parking, tire pressure is up to standard.
2. Technical maintenance of tires tire General 3000~4000 kilometers to a secondary technical maintenance. Depending on the situation between the two secondary technical maintenance for several technical maintenance. Level technical maintenance to do 7 exercises:
① check wheel nut is loose, missing or damaged valves leak, valve caps are present, such as damaged, loose, missing, should be repaired in time, complement.
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② dug out in the pattern of the stones and debris, and if there are deep holes, now with a rubber plug.
③ check tire wear, abnormal wear or, drum, deformation phenomena, should find out the causes, and to remedy the situation.
④ check if tires must be dismantled for internal checks, should remove the check, if damaged, should be patched in a timely manner.
⑤ check mix without undue tire, rim lock ring correctly.
⑥ checks each tire pressure and standard aerobic filled according to the regulations.
⑦ After checking tire retaining birth and spring distance plate, steel pins and steel bolt without wiping tires may, Fender has no scuffing tires.
Testing: testing whether a particular tyre pressure drop. This means that the system must be continuous or intermittent monitoring of the air pressure of each tire.
Notification: notify the driver related problems occur.
Inflatable: through the air, tyre pressure back to normal. This means that you must have a source and a only check valve that only opens when needed.
Although the tire inflation system available in the market there are different in design, but they also have some common elements.

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Is using some type of valve to isolate individual tires so that when checking or inflatable, other tire leak.
Are used the methods to detect tire pressure. In most cases, they use the Central sensors to pass information to the electronic control unit, and notify the driver.
Have a gas source, usually available on the system, such as brakes or pneumatic system. However, when existing systems are used, they must ensure that would not affect the original features of the system. To this end, appropriate security measures will be. First to ensure that there is enough pressure for the primary purpose of the gas source before it can be used for tire inflation.
Must be able to put the air supply air in a tire (usually through the axle tube). Some systems use sealed wheel axle tube and hose connection hub and tire valves, other systems were directly across the axle tube by inner tube and the shaft tube as a ventilation duct.
Must have a vent, used to discharge air from the tire, without damage to the wheel or rear axle seals.
Gas pressure Note:
1, the recommended tire inflation pressure means the cold inflation pressure.
2, when continuous operation of vehicles would tire heat, tire pressure would rise as the heat inside the tire.
Different types of tires, pneumatic CHANGHONG high number also varies. This is normal behavior. Does not cause harm to the tire.
Tires should not be given gas to reduce pressure caused by the continuous operation of vehicles increases.
3, if the tires in the operation, due to heat build-up causes air pressure than the recommended air pressure increases 25% or more, should stop the job at this time, again check the cold inflation pressure.

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Cold inflation pressure is correct, should be taken to reduce travel speed or reduce heat load method to reduce tire. This will cause the tires to overheat and delamination damage.
4, should use the barometer to check air pressure, and to calibrate the barometer regularly.
5, valve cap cover on this effect to prevent sediment from entering valves and gas tightness.
Recently, the well-known rating agencies–quality (Beijing) credit quality assessment Centre Ltd, China quality Association, jointly issued the domestic tire industry quality ratings for BBB, warning color is yellow.
According to reports, the tire quality problems are pads valves and tyre adhesion strength, elongation, strength properties, specify allowable deviation coefficient of friction, as well as tire marks and other irregularities or dissatisfaction.
In recent years, domestic automobile tire product quality, overall healthy upward trend, but increases in General. 2011-sampling quality of automobile tires pass rate above 95%, quality rate was higher, however, tire quality in various regions there are some differences.
Why a valve can affect tire quality rating?
Has over 20 years experience of Ningbo Yinzhou Xinghua Metal Products Factory believes that this is because the valve is small, but they can affect driving safety.

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It is understood that the valve when the wheel is rotated, under the influence of centrifugal force deformation, such as 195/70R14 when the tires at 100 km per hour, valve is required to bear some 1.7kg disturbance force if tire driving 50,000 kilometres, valve varies the wheel turning 25 million times.
Most of the Tyre valve rubber products, when the rubber becomes deep red, then its already aging to ensure good air-tightness, so the owners each time when changing tires, must replace the valve.
For more security considerations, at present, the high-end tires are generally in the market have started to use aluminum valves, compared with rubber valves, aluminum can to a large extent this extended time. Even so, owners on the maintenance and repair of valves is also very seriously, because the aging valves and makes the car slow leak, auto grind damage or puncture.
It is understood that the involved people’s livelihood interests of industry quality and credit risk rating, from highest to lowest are divided into four grades a, b, c, d, and each level based on risk scoring are different, classified as AAA, AA, a, BBB, BB, b, CCC, CC, c, d, x-class, and the “+” and “-” fine tuning.